What’s the Deal With QR Codes?

Aug 4, 2011

What’s the Deal With QR Codes?

You may have noticed these funny little squares (like the one on the right) online, on billboards or on the glossy pages of magazines. They are called QR codes.

QR Codes are everywhere, especially once you become aware of them.

What Are QR Codes?

QR stands for Quick Response, and the codes themselves are two-dimensional bar codes. Think of the bar code on a box of pasta, which can only be scanned in one direction. The QR codes, however, can be scanned from side to side or top to bottom.

What Are QR Codes Used For?

These little bar codes are used to connect people (you) to a website of the business that produced the QR code using apps on your mobile phone.

For instance, I stood in line at Subway restaurant last weekend, and before I could place my order I noticed a QR code on a small sign below a picture of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern. While I could have stared at Ryan Reynolds all day, the QR code underneath his gorgeous face distracted me enough to realize that Subway wanted me to scan the QR code with my Smart Phone and be connected to the Green Lantern portion of their website.

Can QR Codes Hold More Info?

Absolutely. If you want to direct consumers to a particular page on your website, you can create a QR code that they can scan with a Smart Phone and interact with your business. You can also store contact information and your business location for potential customers to scan – how nifty would that be on a business card that you hand out to your contacts?

Can I Make a QR Code of My Own?

QR codes are pretty simple to make, and there are many QR code generators out there like this one. Right now, it appears that limited code generation is free, but for more services and options, it will cost a little bit of money up front. Start with a free option to generate your own QR code to get your feet wet and have a little fun in this fairly new way to connect to potential customers!

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