Hang Out With Google +1

Oct 31, 2011

Hang Out With Google +1

Google +1 is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms on the net.  With a late start up, this Android-based social networking community helps you connect with friends and stay connected through next level sharing.  If you are looking for a platform that is true to real-life, Google +1 allows you to connect with your friends, share your photos, and strike up conversations to experience the new approach to online communications.

One added feature that is not found in all of the most popular social media platforms is Google +1 Hangouts.  See how Hangouts brings spontaneity to the web and hangout anywhere and anytime. With a mic and a camera, you can hangout with all of your closest friends when they are located in another city or even another state.

The Google +1 Hangout tool is compatible with computers, notebooks, iPhones, iPods, and Android phones, tablets, and any portable media device that can access the web and has a camera and a mic.  One of the great things about Hangouts is that you can “hangout” anywhere.  If you are sitting in your bedroom or if you are at the beach, you can stay connected with those who could not be there.  Hangouts lets you connect with up to 9 people at a time so large groups are always welcome without the mandatory tip.

Another great feature of Hangouts is that you can scroll through the web while you are conferencing with your favorite friends.  If you find a funny YouTube video clip, you can watch the video clips together for laughs just like if you were sitting in the same living room.  If you want added features, you have the option to sign up for Hangouts with Extras.  Extra features include:  screen sharing, Google Docs integration, Notes, Sketchpad, and Named Hangouts.  You have the option to make your Hangouts visible to a group or invisible to others.  This gives you the power to manage your own chatting session.

Social media networking has changed the way people communicate.  Now, instead of shooting your long-distance buddy a text, you can sign on to Hangouts and see them while you talk.  Hangouts is great for killing time when you are bored or meeting together to do a group project without the commute.  If you want a simple and easy way to connect with your friends, collaborate in real time by creating your member profile…and Hang Out!

About the Author: Patrick Lindle is the Chief Marketing Officer at D-mac Industries, a metal deck / steel deck fabricator located in Alpharetta, GA.  Patrick uses Google +1 to follow all the major industry leaders in his field.  Pat enjoys mountain climbing and participating in triathalons around the country.

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