How Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Can Help Your Business

Jan 3, 2012

How Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Can Help Your Business

To many, Facebook is at the forefront of social media and has remained there for many years. Closely behind Facebook are other social media sites such as Twitter and Google+. All of these sites can act as outlets for small businesses to reach out to potential customers.

Facebook was the first of the social media sites to include business pages, while Twitter and Google+ were close behind in implementing pages for businesses as well. The site of choice depends on the needs of the business and an in-depth look at the different features for businesses will help small business owners determine the best way to reach out to potential clients.

Twitter Business Pages

Following a redesign to their interface this past week, Twitter has also announced the implementation of enhanced business profile pages as well. With these changes, Twitter has provided businesses the opportunity to add a large header that can include the company logo, slogan or other graphic element. With the added Promoted Tweet feature, favorite tweets can be bumped to the top of the timeline and photos attached to the tweet will be auto-expanded for better viewing by potential clients.

Google+ Company Pages

Google+ is a social networking site that is only beginning to hit its stride since its unveiling earlier this year. With that in mind, Google+ has always been one that has had businesses in mind. With the Google+ Company Pages, it becomes easy to create and manage a new page for you business that provides more opportunity for exposure to new clients. Since Google+ is a relatively new addition to the Google family, all of the offerings may appear to be slightly thin compared to other social media websites, but the plus of Google+ is that it bears the Google name, meaning that there is always room for growth. This means that as the site continues to gain popularity, it will also continue to gain more functionality for businesses alike.

Facebook Versatility for Businesses

One of the biggest positive aspects of designing a website on Facebook for a business is that it is extremely easy. Designing a page on Facebook allows the company much more versatility compared to other social media websites. This includes the ability to deploy custom-made applications, contests and promotions the business may use in order to gain more clients. Ecommerce can also easily be implemented into a Facebook page in order to expedite checkout processes for clients. Another positive of Facebook for businesses is that the potential client base is not only already extremely large, it is also always continually growing.

There are a number of social media websites to choose from nowadays, not just Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. In reality, a functioning business should have their foot in the door in all of these sites if they wish to have their presence felt by the maximum number of clients. Choosing the single right social media website for a business is difficult. Due to this, it is important to explore the different options that are available and find the right option for that business.

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