Apps to Help You Manage Your Small Business

Jan 10, 2012

Apps to Help You Manage Your Small Business

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your small business. There are so many things to manage, but there are also a lot of tools available to help you do it. Your iPhone is probably one essential tool because it allows you to stay connected to your work anytime, anywhere. If you have a small business and an iPhone, download some of these apps that will help you with management, expenses, and more.

Checkout Helper


Checkout Helper is a great app to help you quickly estimate sales totals, tax and shipping costs. It’s very helpful for on-the-go sales or quick calculations in the office. Enter as many item costs as needed, and you can apply discounts to individual items or the entire subtotal if needed. Then, calculate tax and estimate shipping costs with flat-rate or percentage shipping. All settings are customizable to your needs and tax or shipping amounts. You can then save and email transaction reports.

Hours Tracker – Time Sheet


For the independent contractor, this Hours Tracker app helps you keep track of all the hours you spend working. You can keep track of hours for multiple jobs or projects at once, and it takes just a quick two taps to “clock in” at anytime. This app will also calculate your earnings with your pay rate, and it will even figure out overtime, all to your specifications. You can also manually enter hours worked, add in breaks, or make notes and comments. You can also set up pay periods and view summary reports of all your jobs and earnings. It’s easy to export or email your time sheets, too.

MiniBooks for FreshBooks


While this Minibooks for Freshbooks app is more expensive than most, it’s a wonderful tool for your small business. It is an incredibly convenient way to manage your clients, and create and send invoices and estimates. You can keep track of expenses, hours, and invoice payments. It’s a very detailed app that will help you work with your clients and create professional invoices and estimates. There is also a lite (free) version that is limited to three clients.



This Apple-designed Keynote app will help you create extremely effective presentations and slideshows. Whether you need to create a sales presentation or hold a meeting, this app will help you to organize your ideas and present them in a professional manner. There are many options to personalize your presentations, and it’s very user-friendly interface will help you create them quickly and easily, no matter your skill level. Presentations are easy to export, email, or share straight from your iPhone.

Quickoffice Pro


If you use Microsoft Office Suite for all your small business functions, this Quickoffice Pro app will allow you to easily access and edit all your files via your iPhone. There are even advanced editing options for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can share files with many cloud storage providers like DropBox or Google Docs. If you use Microsoft Office Suite, this is a must-have app to access your files while on-the-go or away from the office.

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