Office Olympics Good for Office Morale

Jul 25, 2012

Office Olympics Good for Office Morale

The Olympics are about to begin and everyone is getting into the sporting spirit. Someone somewhere, who we will call a genius, has come up with Office Olympics that are the perfect injection of fun for our office lives, that lack some seriously awesomeness.

Office Olympics

There are several ways that one can play these games. Beware because some bosses would prefer that you die a slow painful boring death whereas others are happy to give staff something to break up the day. Pick one of several office Olympic games to play from the ideas list below:

Corporate Climber: Competing office co-workers would appreciate this game and add a bit of a competitive twist to it. Run up the stairs backwards. Naturally you’ll need to hold onto the handrails because you don’t have eyes in the back of your heads (mother’s this applies to you too). You’re going to feel that burn, love that burn and embrace the burn. This Olympic game has to be done three times and the winning three compete for the final round. The person who ultimately wins gets the cool ‘backwards’ prize of a sore, but firmer, butt.

Walking Sticker: Three-person teams have to stick as many ‘Post-It’ notes on a colleague as possible. Remember, the idea of office Olympics is to win, not get yourself stuck in a sexual harassment corner so please avoid all ‘no go’ places and stick (no pun intended) to the politically correct areas on your colleagues person. The winning team gets to say they posted the most post-it notes on a person. They also win a set of colourful post-in notes and an all-expenses paid trip to the canteen for a cup of coffee.

Trashcan Basketball: This is a firm favourite, particularly with the guys. Take pages of old paper – please be eco-conscious and use paper for recycling or even paper in the trash can – ball them up and place several into a free bin. Place a separate and empty trashcan several feet away from office Olympic trashcan basketball thrower. The person that gets the most ‘paper balls’ into the trashcan is the winner and requires a free ‘paper ball’ to take home as a memento.

Spin Doctor: This is a particular favourite in the office Olympic fraternity. One person sits in a chair that spins. Two teammates spin the chair around and count to 10. The person in the chair jumps up and runs across a finish line. Please make sure all sharp objects, corners, pens and pencils sticking up into the air etc are out of the way. Office Olympics loses its appeal when someone ends up with a pen in their eye.

In celebration of the upcoming Olympic games – happy office Olympics everyone, you are all winners!

About the Author: Vida Denning is a freelance writer who was researching office space Bristol when she came across these very cool office games.

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