Verticalwerks Partners With Advantage Smiles for Kids

Oct 8, 2012

Verticalwerks Partners With Advantage Smiles for Kids

Thanks to the special relationship we share with our dental clients, at Verticalwerks we understand just how important quality oral heath is to child’s physical and emotional development. That’s why we proudly support Advantage Smiles for Kids, providing a rebate 2% of gross receipts to ASK from the following clients to this program: Grants Pass Family Dental, Mountainside Family Dental, TenderCare Dental, Klamath Falls Dental Specialists, and Dr. Lori Lemire Family Dentistry. It’s our way of giving back to the dental community to those most deserving: under-insured kids.

What Does Advantage Smiles for Kids Do?

The importance of the work ASK performs cannot be understated. Children who suffer from severely misaligned teeth or jaws, or who have untreated oral disease can experience continuous pain that affects their ability to eat, swallow, speak, and even breath. Children who feel uncomfortable about their smile may also suffer from embarrassement and low self-esteem that could cause them to shy away from social situations where they refuse to laugh or smile.

Children who suffer from untreated orthodontic problems can also experience a variety of serious long-term oral health problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, bone deterioration, TMJ, and a loss of permanent teeth. When experienced at a young age, these types of oral health concerns can lead to a lifetime of serious physical health problems. Fortunately, the professionals who work with ASK understand the importance of a beautiful smile on a child’s physical and emotional development. That’s why we are happy to provide a partnership that allows them to continue in their efforts.

Verticalwerks is Happy to Partner with Advantage Smiles for Kids!

Since 2003, ASK has been helping to provide orthodontics and dental health care to at-risk and low-income children living throughout communities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. ASK has partnered with 50 orthodontic providers to provide treatment to 27 kids in 2012, and 190 total since the organization’s founding.

At Verticalwerks, we fully support ASK’s goals of ensuring underprivileged children achieve excellent oral, personal, social, physical, and psychological health. We would also like to congratulate ASK recipients Shuan, Caylyn, Nakyia, and Hayden on getting their braces recently removed. The beautiful smiles of these children just help to showcase the great work ASK does for our community.

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