How Arrow Wheels Will Enhance Any Product Marketing Event

Jan 31, 2013

How Arrow Wheels Will Enhance Any Product Marketing Event

Arrow wheels are a familiar sight at carnivals and festivals that also make good marketing tools for businesses. The devices are dynamic instruments that are fun and distinctive and a single wheel with a colorfully designed face instantly creates an area of interest at any event. They have several advantages when incorporated into a marketing campaign.

Why Use Game Wheels During Promotional Events?

Using game wheels during a promotional event will generate buzz and will instantly draw a crowd, as the wheel is easily recognizable from a distance. People walking by understand that a wheel is part of a game or giveaway, making each person more likely to stop and listen to the speaker. The actual act of spinning will create a large amount of excitement and audience members will cheer for the best result, regardless of personal benefit. This is an especially effective technique when giving away promotional items or product samples.

The Benefits of Using Arrow Wheels

Arrow wheels create a sense of anticipation that affects everyone watching in the audience or passing by on the street.

People want to see the results of a spin and the anticipation will cause an increased level of focus on the products or services offered on the wheel. Viewers will want to know the meaning of each wedge or option on the wheel so that they know what the most valuable prizes are. This gives businesses an opportunity to explain the features and benefits of different products and services in a way that isn’t annoying or intrusive and fosters a positive impression of the company.

The design of some modern arrow wheels is very dynamic, in the sense that they have removable slots that can be customized to display unique prizes and logos specific to a company. Some even use magnetic faces that can be changed very quickly and sport open spaces where product pictures and names can stand out, even at a distance. The changeable faces provide businesses an opportunity to move through a series of different games or product promotions during an event without requiring separate wheels. Additionally, the flexible design makes it possible to scale the available prizes on the wheel, depending on the size of the audience or the number of products remaining.

Some marketing events like promotional giveaways or new product introductions involve very little interaction between the audience and the speaker. Using arrow wheels gives businesses a chance to include an interactive element where audience members take part by spinning a wheel, instead of just watching. This gets the audience invested in the event and fosters communication between the presenter and potential customers.

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