Four Ways Small Businesses Can Use Linked In

Feb 8, 2013

Four Ways Small Businesses Can Use Linked In

Instead of the usual blog post, I wanted to try my hand at creating an Infographic…especially when I ran across this article, 10 Tools for Creating Infographics.

This may have been a mistake.

While one of my long-held secret desires has been to be a graphic designer genius, this is not going to happen. I am famous in my immediate family for having very little spatial intelligence (read: none at all). I also drive a bit blind at night, which probably doesn’t bear any relevance to this infographic, but probably doesn’t help.

This was a good exercise to help me realize that I am, at my core, a writer and geek, but will leave the more creative work to my most talented colleagues.  Below is my first attempt at creating a visual representation of a blog post. Upon first reflection, I thought it might give me a stroke. There’s a lot going on…

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