3 Ways To Better Integrate Marketing And Sales In 2013

Feb 19, 2013

3 Ways To Better Integrate Marketing And Sales In 2013

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If you are looking to generate more profit this year, there are a few ways to go about integrating marketing and sales to help boost your revenue. This can be done using both online and offline tools and resources depending on the type of business you are running and the marketing plans and campaigns you have in mind. Integrating marketing and sales properly is a way to create a larger following of consumers while also helping you to gain more insight into the demographic that is most interested in what you have to offer.

Utilizing Social Media

Utilizing social media and marketing is one of the best ways to help with increasing sales and boosting the popularity and reputation of your business or an entire brand you want to grow. Social media is often free to use and is a way to reach a much larger audience than with traditional marketing and advertising methods.

Social media is ideal for business pages and individuals looking to network and grow online, regardless of the industry you are representing or the type of content, products and services you want to sell and offer to your audience. When you update with social media accounts frequently using the same icons and logos, you are helping to boost your website and company’s overall branding and credibility online. The more frequently you update, the more likely you are to receive visitors and active guests to your website which may represent your official corporate business or may host the products you sell and offer at the time.

Social media is also another way to gain additional exposure by having your online followers virtually “share” the content and updates you post to all of their own family and friends without investing in another advertising or marketing campaign yourself. Popular social media networks include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn today.

Using Webinars to Educate

Webinars are also a valid way to help with promoting marketing and sales in 2013, especially when you are required to train employees and those who are working with you on boosting your brand’s overall reputation. Using a webinar is ideal to show employees how to go about making sales and various tips and pointers on creating the marketing campaigns for this year based on trends and market research. Utilizing webinars is also inexpensive and can allow your employees and business partners to review the information you want to share from any computer, even when working from home to increase productivity.

Webinars can be generated using free tools online as well as paid subscriptions depending on the number of viewers you plan to have attend the webinars and how frequently you plan to host them to help with increasing sales and marketing campaigns for your business.

Working With a Team

Working together with a team or a group of your employees in person is a way to delegate tasks and to create both short and long-term goals that are relevant to marketing and integrating more sales into the business model for the year. When you choose to work together with your employees, you open the lines of communication and have the opportunity to directly work on developing marketing and advertising plans that can help to reach a broader audience, especially when expanding online.

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