Pinterest+Mobile Marketing = Facebook Newsfeed Changes

Mar 11, 2013

Pinterest+Mobile Marketing = Facebook Newsfeed Changes

I have often said that as soon as you get used to something in the technological world, expect it to change. This is especially true with Facebook.

Since it has been awhile since any big changes have come down the line, I was starting to get a little – well, itchy is the best way I can describe it. Time for change was past-due, and there was no sign of anything coming down the pike.

Well, I guess I can relax for awhile, because just last week there was an announcement of changes to the Facebook Newsfeed.

The Pinterest Effect

Curious, I took a look and noticed something immediately. Take a look:


What do you see?

A giant, vibrant, colorful PHOTO.

There’s still a sidebar on the left, but it’s awfully small. All of the clutter on the right side of the screen is gone.

Do you know what it resembles? Pinterest.

Here’s a screen shot of my Pinterest version of a “newsfeed” (side note: you can’t have business profiles on Pinterest at this time, but you can have a personal profile with business information included within it, which is what we’ve done here).


It looks a bit similar to me – the vibrant colors, the eye-catching subject matter, the fact that you can like and share on both Facebook and Pinterest photos. Granted, the main difference is the giant photo on the Facebook Newsfeed instead of several small photos, but hang on –

Here’s another Facebook Newsfeed development:


That’s better – now it looks more like Pinterest. And in the near future, you’ll be able to choose your feeds – as in, choose what Pinterest boards you follow – which could be photos only.

Now for the Mobile Effect

A recent popular – and somewhat alarming – statistic is that more people in the world own cell phones than toothbrushes. Think for a minute how many of these phones are smartphones.

A large percentage. And it’s only growing. Mobile marketing is happening.

Gone are phone books and even, to an extent, looking up directions online at home for where you want to go. More and more people are surfing the web from their mobile devices on-the-go, finding what they need locally.

The third big advantage offered in the redesigned Facebook newsfeed is, “See the same clean look wherever you use Facebook — on mobile, tablet, or web.” Taking advantage of the needed redesign, why not appeal to the rather large population using smartphone technology?

Right now, using the new Facebook newsfeed requires some time on a waiting list – sign up by scrolling all the way down on this page. Once you’re active on it, leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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