We’re Changing Our Name But Excellent Service Remains the Same

May 24, 2013

We’re Changing Our Name But Excellent Service Remains the Same


Change in today’s fast-paced business world is inevitable – as I’ve said on this blog over and over again, once you get used to something online, it will change. I like this quote from Robert C. Gallagher, “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.”

Verticalwerks is no different! As a marketing agency, here at Verticalwerks we’ve experienced a lot of change in our business, services and team over the past four years. As a result, we’re changing our brand identity to more accurately depict who we are and what we do for clients, moving from the name Verticalwerks to Local Fresh.

Our reasons for this change are several, but primarily our goal is to help local businesses grow and thrive. As our new tag line states:

Local Fresh empowers small and local businesses with fresh web design, search marketing, and results-driven, integrated marketing programs.

So what does this mean for our current Verticalwerks clients? Not much, other than a name, brand identity and email address change on our end.

For new clients, fasten your seat belts ’cause you’re in for a grow-your-business thrill ride! Let our team of graphic designers boost your brand image and identity, our crack team of Google specialists bolster your search performance, and our social hounds find the best places to promote your online reputation.

It’s all about connectivity online, andLocal Fresh is your networking partner. Won’t you join us?

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