Countdown to Local Fresh Marketing!

Jun 13, 2013

Countdown to Local Fresh Marketing!

In just two short weeks, Verticalwerks will officially switch over to Local Fresh Marketing on July 1st.

Why Did We Change Our Brand?

There are many reasons to consider refreshing or completely changing your brand, and while we had several good ones for analyzing and reworking our set up, the basic truth is that technology changes so fast that it blows your hair back like the wind as you sit at your computer.

As an online marketing agency, we’re committed to keeping up with these changes for our own good and for the benefit of our clients. This practice has been invaluable for our team to continue to learn and grow, giving us the ability to offer our clients the best local marketing options for their small business needs.

How Are We Changing Our Brand?

Refreshing or redoing a brand is a process that requires a long-term strategy and short-term goals. We started with the basics, going through the processes that we follow with our clients.

    1. Business Model – Since we needed to change our brand overall, we decided as a team to figure out how to refine our business model to offer the best products and services for our current and prospective clients.
    2. Market Research – We performed thorough research of our contemporaries, identifying our likes and dislikes of products and services and narrowing down our own goals for the brand change.
    3. Business Name – This was a largely collaborative effort, taking advantage of our creative brain power over time to come up with Local Fresh Marketing. This name is original and new, combining our expertise and passion for helping small businesses in their local marketing efforts, where it counts the most.
    4. Domain Name – This process happened concurrently with the process of identifying our new business name, in order to provide consistency and make our brand easily identifiable.
    5. Graphic Design – This creative process covered logo design, stationery options, banners, photos, our social media presence, and ongoing needs.
    6. Website Strategy – When we analyzed our business model, we decided that we wanted to provide information and services that once website alone could not hold. provides an updated and easy to navigate overview of how we have helped and continue to assist small business owners grow their businesses. We also wanted a way to offer our current and prospective clients access to knowledge and tools that they can use to see growth in their own marketing strategy and skills, which led to
    7. Social Media – It’s important for us to transition our brand over all online media outlets, which we did to grow our online presence and offer clients social proof in the following outlets:
    8. Localfresh on Facebook
      Localfresh on Twitter
      Localfresh on Google+
      Localfresh on Pinterest
      Localfresh on LinkedIn
      Localfresh on Youtube

    9. Ongoing Changes – The thing about change is that it doesn’t stop. As we grow and develop – and as technology continues to change – we’ll be here to help small business owners find their way.

    What Is Local Fresh?

    A full service marketing agency, Local Fresh empowers small and local businesses by providing the knowledge and tools needed to attract and truly engage customers. Our talented, creative marketing team will help you communicate your business’ message, offering the best in graphic and web design, brand development, search and social marketing. We build long-term relationships with clients so we possess the insight and knowledge needed to produce clear, measurable results for your marketing investment.

    What Does Local Fresh Offer?

    With Localfresh, you get guidance and support in three areas:

    • Strategic – Marketing Communications, Brand Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Social Marketing
    • Creative – Graphic / Web Design, Brand Identity, Content Creation, Photo / Video, Marketing Collateral
    • Technical – Technology Assessment, Application Development, Information Architecture, Messaging / Collaboration, Managed Web Hosting

    We are excited as we move forward in this change, and we invite you to join us!

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