Importance of Social Media in Small Business

Aug 5, 2013

Importance of Social Media in Small Business

Social Media has increased in demand as more and more people become aware of the continually advancing technologies that our world has to offer. With the huge impact of growing technology in our society, small business owners are signing up in order to enjoy the benefits that can come with being able to connect with so many people through social media outlets and grow their businesses.

Rapid Rise of Social Media

In previous generations, there were not computers, iPods or iPads to play with, yet now millions of people are using advanced tools like smartphones to assist with typical daily tasks and activities. As technology continues to grow, the number of people taking advantage of technology to locate what they need will increase by more millions of people each year, creating positive steps towards globalization. The rapidly expanding tools of technology cannot be ignored and should therefore be embraced and used strategically.

It was only 50 years ago that children were forced to color with actual markers instead of virtual online tools and use their imagination as the only form of entertainment. With technology these days, there are millions of games that can be accessed that exceed anyone’s expectations. While people used to join rock bands as the ‘cool’ thing to do, now people are designing, creating and manufacturing applications, also knows as ‘apps’ for the smart phones. Entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how they can use the technologies of the internet to better implement their ideas.

Effective Social Media Management

Effective Social Media Management is about creating awareness and bringing revenues for businesses worldwide through critical advertising techniques. Social Media is not just something that we can use to enjoy, but it has also become crucial for many businesses to bring about awareness and revenues for varying companies. At our marketing firm, Marketing Puget Sound, we specialize in Social Media Management to help each individual business in terms of awareness and revenue.

There are many aspects that are considered when properly managing the Social Media for a company or business.

Who is your audience? For starters, each social media site has different demographics that can help us advertise to a niche audience.

What is your message? Since these posts range from 10-50 words, one must much more cautiously consider word choice by incorporating the vital key words that will more productively benefit the desired company.

When is the best time to reach people? The best time to schedule a post is between 11am-2pm, however this is also differing based on the company itself and the demographics of the chosen social media site.

What to post, which site to post it on, when to post and what to say in each post are necessary aspects to consider to implement the companies services and professionalism.

Most importantly, with any business, new or old, it is important to stay updated with the trends in order to continue thriving in our financially unstable society.  Social Media Management can help procure your stability and revenues. Inbound Marketing professionals at Marketing Puget Sound can assist your company in understanding the various social media sites that will successfully help grow a business and increase awareness.

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