Top 11 Ways to Turn Tweets into Profit for Your Local Business

Aug 6, 2013

Top 11 Ways to Turn Tweets into Profit for Your Local Business

As a small business owner, we know how difficult it can be to try to keep up with the social media world. But using sites like Twitter can actually boost your brand recognition and sales.

Even though Twitter was born over 6 years ago (a long lifetime for any internet company) — and it has gained over half a billion users — this social site is still a giant mystery for local business owners.

Here are our top ten tips for using twitter to boost sales:

1. Put Your Best Face Forward

Create a separate Twitter account that is just for your own business. Set the page up with your business name as your username and your company logo for the profile picture.

2. Think of Your Audience First

Create powerful tweets that resonant with your target audience. Putting together exciting, useful content with an authentic tone is the key to connecting with your audience.

3. Less is More

Keep your tweets short and simple. Tweets are always limited to 140 characters so they can be digested easily almost anywhere, even via mobile text messages.

4. No Time Like the Present

Tweet about the now, in the now! This is the best way to use Twitter. It will make you and your company more relevant. Timing is everything on twitter. Don’t tweet about what you did last week, or what you will do in the future, it is best to tweet about your current moment. Especially if you company won an award or has an announcement, there is no time like the present.

5. Know Your Industry

Unlike some other social media sites, Twitter has the ability to connect you to your customers in a targeted manner. People will also turn to Twitter to share information, news and reviews about your business and your industry. This gives you instant connection directly with present and future customers in real time. You can also follow other business that does what you do. Connecting on Twitter is easy and helpful to keep you in the know.

6. Make it a Habit

Get your tweet groove on by making it a daily habit. Consistency is key with building and connecting to your audience and this includes your dedication to building a twitter platform. The more you engage the more your followers will connect with you.

7. Add it up

Twitter has a special pricing model for business owners who want to share their message with the masses. Get your Tweets and your profile in front of more people who are interested in your business with paid advertisements.

8. Be a Follower

Follow influential and significant people related to your business and industry, then you can share their content and reply to their messaging. This can help build a relationship with important professionals. This can help you expand your brand awareness.

9. Prioritize Each Day

Small business owners should never confuse free social media promotions with the idea that it is of little value. Many new customers can come to you via social media channels. Which means more clients, more money for you and more business growth. Make sure you make time each day to connect on line. These key interactions are strong enough to prioritize each day.

10. Get Social  

You can start new conversations with current and potential customers who follow you on twitter. You can do this by replying to a new tweet, or tagging a follower that is relevant to your tweets. The more you do things like this, the more interest and growth you will generate and the more customers will be knocking down your door.

11. Use Video

A new fun way to get grab the attention of your audience is to create a animated video showcasing your Twitter profile. Vizify is easy to use and our favorite option.

Here’s how Vizify works:

1. Click the “Make Mine” button on THIS PAGE.

2. Type in your email business email address and verify that Vizify can access your Twitter information.

3. Wait about 10 seconds while Vizify prepares your video.

4. Watch the preview by clicking “play.”

5. Edit or continue then share your video.

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