The 3 Types of SEO Companies to Avoid

Oct 10, 2013

The 3 Types of SEO Companies to Avoid

Keeping up with the demanding world of SEO is a full time job in itself – the information is fast and forward, with no break down or lull period between innovation and obsolete principles. The spectrum often slides rapidly, one often feels left behind, even when they’re two steps ahead. Or so they assumed.

You’re a business owner – A book-keeper, a negotiator, a manager, an adviser and sometimes even a friend. To say you juggle many balls (too many balls) is an understatement. It comes as no surprise to many internet specialists that small, medium and large business owners struggle to find the time between invoicing and the few minutes of sleep to knock out a converting SEO strategy. More money would be great, more customers even better, but no one is Superman. Relax, put away the cape and hire a reliable professional agency to facilitate your needs. What determines a RELIABLE agency? Easy.

Avoid Companies Who Mass Produce Links

What are links or what is link building? Imagine links to be the neural network of the internet. Each website is a vital organ, connected by web of nerves; some nerves are positive, creating beneficial feedback and relationships, paying forward rank authority. Others aren’t so great, debilitating your website with toxic pathways and responses.

An SEO company that concentrates solely on link building (or nerve management) deserves suspicion, particularly if they are mass produced and sold in lots of 50,100, 1000 and so on for a specific price. There are several companies out there who perform ethical link building activity (like Search Factory), as part of an overall content marketing strategy. A good content marketer will tailor the anchor text, keyword and content to your audience, contracting original content from their development resources

Avoid Companies Who Mass Produce Content

Written content is an often marginalized resource, which is surprising, given the internet is composed of content. Mass producers will often have a stock pile of writers who churn out five hundred original words at a cost; while unique content is great, badly structured and articulated content is not, affecting your ranking and reputation.

Spun content or articles that are essentially cherry picked from the internet and re-worded using the thesaurus might sound original, but they don’t speak to humans. There’s nothing appealing about them. When approaching a SEO company about their content services, make sure their staff are qualified and passionate about what they do, else you’ll end up with a puddle of words and a trail of mud leading to your website.

Avoid Companies Who “Spruik” the Cheap and Cheerful Alternative

You don’t want cheap. When we say cheap, what do you think of? Shoddily made, plasticine items with little value, breaking soon after purchase or staining the carpet? Processed and sugar laden foods, coating your arteries in fats and cholesterol? Cheap SEO is akin to online fast food.

As a buyer, you shouldn’t search for a company who offers the lowest price; you should be searching for an experienced company with a strong portfolio, no lock-in contracts and a legacy of excellence, accepting nothing less than their very best. You want a company who will go the extra mile, add value to reporting and explain what they’re doing, why and what challenges the vertical faces. You want honesty, integrity and reliability. Spending a few extra hundred now will ensure your website doesn’t fall down and break its knees for the want of a qualified SEO specialist.

Do you have any success stories to share? Horror stories to let loose, or further tips to add to the pile? Let us know in the comments below.