Dynamic Date Offers

Dec 9, 2013

Dynamic Date Offers

Here at Local Fresh we build a lot of paid search landing pages and offers. When creating offers one of our objectives is to create a sense of urgency. Offers that make it clear to prospects that they need to act soon will convert more effectively than those with no specific expiration date.

Here’s an example; Dental patient searches Google for “Dentist in Yourtown” and finds our client’s offer for a Free Dental Exam & X-Rays (with paid cleaning). They click on the ad and go to our client’s free dental exam landing page. The offer includes our dynamic date so the offer states that it expires tomorrow.

If the prospect does not take action and then click on the ad again tomorrow, when they return to the landing page they will see that the offer now expires on the next day. This makes our offer landing page more efficient, effective and flexible.

So, we use a WordPress Plugin called Dynamic Dates to enable the expiration date on many of our offers to update daily and automatically to tomorrow’s date.

The benefits of these Dynamic Date Offers include:

  1. Efficient – You don’t have to do anything or remember that expiration dates need to be updated.
  2. Effective – The expiration date encourages higher conversion rates on paid search offers.
  3. Flexible – If Client wishes to modify or delete any offer, there is no future expiration date about which to be concerned since every offer is subject to expiration the next day!