Google My Business: Your One-Stop Interface for Enhancing Online Visibility

Aug 7, 2014

Google My Business: Your One-Stop Interface for Enhancing Online Visibility

Google Places, Google+ Local, Google Analytics, Google Adwords… the list goes on. There are many platforms that Google supports to enhance your business’ online visibility on Google searches. We’ve previously covered why Google+ matters to your business and ways to improve your Google+ analysis. This summer, Google released a new approach for businesses to manage their Google applications. Google My Business is the central location to manage and see how your business is doing across the numerous Google platforms.

Why is Google important to my business?

Today’s society is heavily based online when finding information. A Google study showed that four out of five people use search engines for local searches. The main information the user is looking for is business hours, directions to the business, and business address. When you have a verified Google My Business listing set up, this means that when someone searches your business on Google, it shows up immediately on the right-hand side margin with the information that the consumer wants. Therefore, it is important to keep your business listing updated so that your consumers can find your business easily.

How do I get Google My Business?

If you already have a Google+ account set up for your business, Google has automatically shifted your platform to the new setup. If your business had a Google Places listing and a Google+ page, they have now merged into Google My Business. When you open up your dashboard, it should ask you to review the business information and guide you through the new interface.

If you never had a Google listing, you can easily sign up for free.

 Google My Business Screenshot

How is this different than before?

The key to Google My Business brings is that all the resources that Google has for local businesses are now all together in one easy-to-understand dashboard. The information for your business, such as name, address, and phone number, display consistently throughout searches on Google and Google Maps, as well as on your Google+ social page. Furthermore, your dashboard combines other Google platforms such as Google Analytics, YouTube, and Google Adwords onto the same page.

What are some new changes with Google My Business?

  1. Share updates to your Google+ page straight from the dashboard.
  2. See how your Google+ users interact with your page using Insights.
  3. Immediately see engagement statistics for all channels on dashboard.
  4. Start Google+ Hangouts with your followers.
  5. Manage and reply to Google reviews.
  6. Create and manage up to 100 Google+ pages on a single Google Account.
  7. Upload more photos and write a longer introduction for your business.
  8. Connect your YouTube channel to see insights from the dashboard.
  9. Easy access to Google Analytics and Google Adwords.
  10. Manage your Google My Business on your smartphone with the mobile app.

How can I use Google My Business to improve my business?

  1. Have accurate, up-to-date business information across all Google platforms.
  2. Engage with your customers on Google+ by posting and re-sharing.Use hashtags and text formatting to make your posts reach out further.
  3. Have an attractive profile by having a cover photo and logo that shows your brand identity.

Overall, Google My Business consolidates the resources that small businesses have to display their business on Google searches. As Google says, it helps your business show up across Google, give customers the right information, and build lasting relationships. Learn more about how to improve your engagement on Google+ here.