Tips for Creating Content When Short on Time

Oct 9, 2014

Tips for Creating Content When Short on Time

For businesses looking to build their brands online, the production of content is a key part of any online marketing strategy. Of course, many small business owners don’t always have the time or inclination to spend hours bringing their most exciting content creations ideas to life. Inventory, payroll, impending deadlines, meetings and a host of other commitments can make finding the time for creating longer, in-depth content pieces impossible.

When you’re next crunched for time, consider using one of the following ideas to get engaging content up in just a couple of minutes. Give these ideas a try the next time you find yourself in a crunch.

Use a video to answer a question. You don’t need to the most expensive equipment money can buy to create a quality video. The cameras on your iPhone or iPad alone are more than capable of recording footage, giving you the tools to quickly edit and upload it directly to a video sharing service like Youtube or Vimeo.

To create these types of content pieces, pick a commonly asked question you receive from clients or customers regarding a product or service your business offers and record an answer. Try not to overthink your answer or spend too much time editing the footage, as your audience may actually appreciate a “from-the-hip” answer. Upload the video to your business’ blog, add a short paragraph touching briefly on the topic covered and you’ll have new content up in no time.

Upload a photo album. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? While that old adage might not directly translate when it comes to creating a blog post, it can still save you plenty of time when needing to quickly get content up.

Depending on the industry your business operates in, you could create a photo album on a variety of different topics, including “behind the scenes” footage, sneak peeks of upcoming products or shots of your products in action. Even if you don’t consider yourself the next Ansel Adams, you can still create these quick photo albums by collecting stock images that revolve around a central theme or by encouraging your customers to share their own images of your services or products in action and gathering them together in a single post.

Wax philosophically. It’s not just random chance why so many images featuring famous or inspirational quotes go viral on social media. People love to read them and they love to share them. You can tap into those positive vibes when creating content by writing blog posts that offer your own contemplations regarding a favorite saying.

Here’s they trick: find a quote or old adage that has significant meaning for you. Then create either a video or blog post about how you’ve applied that particular quote to your professional or personal practices. You don’t need to contemplate for long, just give your audience something to consider and relate to their own lives.

Collect your favorite links. By sharing interesting links that relate to your business’ industry to your social profiles, you constantly have a wealth of content ideas at your disposal. At the beginning of each week, collect the content you’ve been posting to social media and gather them together into a blog post. Add a short description of what each link offers and how it relates to your business overall and content created.

Update an older post. One last quick content idea is to update a previously written blog post with your latest ideas and insights and then republish it on your blog. You don’t want to just repost an old article in order to save time. Make sure to add new insights and observations to your old post to keep readers and Google happy.