Tips For Better Connecting With Your Audience on Twitter

Dec 9, 2014

Tips For Better Connecting With Your Audience on Twitter

As social media continues to make its mark in marketing, brands across all sectors have started to feel the pressure to become more social on all platforms. But what is the right platform for your business?

It can be handy to think about your online audience in one of three ways. Facebook provides you a way to connect with the people you know, LinkedIn allows you to connect to the people you need to know, and Twitter offers the chance to connect with the people you want to know. With the number of active monthly users approaching 232 million, Twitter has become an incredibly popular micro-blogging platform that offers businesses the ability to connect with their target audience.

To help increase the number of Twitter followers your business enjoys, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Improve Your Voice on Social Media

Your brand needs to have a voice and its own personality on social media. There’s a real chance that your brand is the topic of discussion – hopefully in a positive way – online. Every social media platform has its own audience, so you need to identify that audience and tailor your message and voice to them. Try and be part of conversations as they happen in real-time, rather than only posting once or twice a day.

It may make sense for businesses to hire an individual to converse on their behalf. Just make sure that whoever you put in charge of your Twitter account fully understands your company’s brand message. While the tone of your social media voice may change depending on the platform, your brand’s message and intent should remain intact.

Make it Easy to Be Found

People devour content at an unparalleled rate today, constantly watching videos and reading articles on the go with mobile devices. With that in mind, make it easy for them to share your information with others. Install share buttons on your company’s website – especially on pages containing blog posts – on other social platform and in the signature line of your email. Place the buttons in an easily noticeable and accessible place on the page.

Become Proactive

A great way to increase the number of followers you enjoy is by following the Twitter accounts of people you already know. For a comprehensive list of people, try uploading your email contacts into Twitter. Just make sure that the list was recently updated with the most recent email addresses for your contacts and your LinkedIn connections. Once you start following others, you’ll be shocked by how many start to follow you in return.

Tweet Frequently

In a study conducted by, the online news outlet determined that it takes approximately 10,000 tweets before a Twitter user can expect to attract over 1,000 followers. Without lessening the quality of the content you’re providing, make sure you maintain a consistent and prolific presence. A great way to organically increase the number of tweets you send out is to join real-time conversations with your target audience. This type of back-and-forth will help to maintain your presence and frequency of tweets without needing to spam content to stay active.

Try to tie into those moments that matter and that members of your audience can relate to and are willing to start conversations about. Your brand could stand to benefit from shared discussions about recent news, pop culture, sports and cultural events. Stay connected to trending topics so you can gain a better sense of what topics may catch your audience’s attention. However, be mindful of participating in controversial topics that could place your brand in the spotlight of bad publicity.


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