Tips for Aggressively Growing Your Email Subscriber List

Apr 2, 2015

Tips for Aggressively Growing Your Email Subscriber List

Email subscriber lists rank as one of the most effective ways a business can digitally market itself and an essential aspect of every marketing campaign. Offering a newsletter is a great way to grow your business’ email list.

However, just sticking an opt-in form on your website won’t help your business grow its subscriber list. While you will get the occasional new subscriber, to aggressively grow your list consider trying these tips.

Add an Opt-In Form at the End of Every Blog Post

By adding an opt-in form to the end of every blog post you can catch the attention of visitors at just the right time – immediately after they finish reading your content. If you provided content with value, the visitor will be more likely to hand over his or her email address and continue engaging with your brand.

If WordPress was used to build your website, there are a number of free plugins that allow you to design opt-in forms and integrate them with your email marketing campaign. WP Conversion Boxes and Optin Forms are two of the better options to use.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Newsletter

Every business needs to have some type of presence on social media, and this is a great audience to attract subscribers to your newsletter from. It’s highly unlikely that every fan or follower of your business is already subscribing to your newsletter, making this group an easy target for adding new subscribers.

If someone is following your Twitter feed or “Liked” your business on Facebook they have already established a relationship with your business. They have already expressed an interest in your brand, so encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter by frequently posting materials welcoming them to join by highlighting the benefits of your newsletter.

Feature Giveaways and Contests

A universal truth – people love free stuff. You don’t even need to give away something that has an enormously high monetary value either. In fact, the best type of giveaway is of your own services or products.

Create a contest and offer a free product, free service or free trail. To be entered in that contest, users will need to subscribe to your newsletter and share the content on Facebook or Twitter. So not only does your business gain a new subscriber, you also gain exposure across social media, which can help attract even more social promoters and subscribers. The right contest even has the possibility of going viral, delivering a large influx of new subscribers.

Feature Pop-Up Offers for Exiting Users

Some visitors will choose not to complete your sign-up forms, even if they are placed at the end of your blog content. An aggressive strategy for capturing these visitors is to use an exit pop-up. Instead of using a pop-up that triggers when a page loads or after a user stays on your site for a set period of time, try using one that features exit intent technology, which cause the offer to appear only when the system detects the visitor is preparing to leave.