How to Create Engaging Video Content

Apr 14, 2015

How to Create Engaging Video Content

It’s becoming more difficult to engage and attract audiences on social media because of the shear number of businesses that have started flooding social media channels with dull, un-engaging content.

Visual storytelling can help your business cut through the noise and be heard above the competition. Here are a few tips to help you attract a larger share of your target audience’s attention by creating a give-and-take using visual content.

Experiment With Live Streaming

It’s becoming clear that millennials love to take part in new experiences and are willing to join in long distance if they cannot be there in person.

For example, many who couldn’t afford to attend South by Southwest this year choose to follow high-profile individuals like PureMatter CEO Bryan Kamer and Edelman’s David Armano on Meerkat for live streaming updates from Austin.

Try following the leads of these types of influencers by examining how they’re using streaming tools like Periscope or Meerkat. Once you get a feel for what is working for others, start experimenting to see what works for your business. Just make sure to only stream content you have a passion for. Stream from inside the office, for example, or a manufacturing facility to show off your people and culture.

Engage Your Audience with Video Commentary

Most businesses don’t use video comments to engage with their audiences. However, both negative and positive comments can offer marketing insights into what motivates followers. They can even occasionally inspire creative responses that go viral.

Honey Maid, for example, recently released their “This is Wholesome” commercial that celebrates diversity among different groups of couples. The video was polarizing to some, causing the company to receive thousands of negative comments, which Honey Maid used to create a sculpture that spelled out the word “Love.” The resulting “Honey Maid: Love” video received praise for its message of “Love conquers all,” and has already received over 4 million views.

Create Ways to Use Humor

While social media ranks as a great way to spread your business’ message, most people don’t turn to social media to receive a sales pitch. They want to laugh and be entertained. Don’t be afraid to utilize humor and try not to take yourself too seriously. Audiences like brands that are willing to loosen up and they will reward your attempts at comedy by watching your videos.

Recently, H&R Block used humor to breakthrough the noise of tax season with their “Hipster Tax Crisis” series. The videos, starring ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, gently poked fun at hipsters struggling with the “mainstream activity” of filing their taxes.

The video series earned H&R Block over 390,000 views and 43 national media hits. Not bad at all.