Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Boosted Posts

Sep 15, 2015

Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Boosted Posts

With over 960 million active users per day, Facebook still dominates among the social media networks. That’s why it’s no surprise that marketers use it to advertise their companies. If you use the network, you’ve seen the advertisements – everything from Amazon to your local pizza joint. Facebook is a unique opportunity in that it is easy to target your audience within the large number of people who visit the site. This means that for small businesses, this can be a great, affordable way to increase sales and engagement! While there are many ways to advertise on Facebook, today’s local marketing tip from Local Fresh focuses on why your small business should use Facebook boosted posts.

What are Facebook boosted posts?

LFpostA boosted post is simply a post from your business page that you paid a fee to appear higher on users’ news feeds. The amount you spend on it can be as low as $5. To do this, you simply click on the “Boost Post” button that appears on the bottom-right corner of any post that you publish or schedule. The content could be a new service or product that you offer, an event that you are hosting, or a campaign you are running.

Why Should Your Business Use These?

By boosting your posts, you can greatly increase your post’s reach to Facebook users and produce more engagement. Engagement can mean users commenting on the post, visiting your website, liking your page, etc. Social media engagement is critical in building your company rapport! Even if you have a decent amount of people who “Like” your page, organic reach is hard to predict and your post can easily get lost on your audience’s news feed. With paid reach, if someone likes a post that you have boosted, Facebook will even put this boosted post on the news feeds of the friends of the user who liked the post. This means this boosted post can reach new people and their friends! Why is this important? A study in 2013 has shown that 70% of consumer trust brand recommendations from their friends. By expanding the reach of posts, Facebook boosted posts can drive more engagement and brand awareness to your potential customers.

How to Boost Posts for Maximum Exposure

LFpostaudienceNow that we have covered the value of boosting Facebook posts, here are some tips on how to do it well:

  • Define the audience.

    When you boost a post, you have the option of creating a custom audience. We highly recommend this, as it can greatly narrow your reach to users who are more likely to become new customers. For example, if you are promoting a new pizza place in Portland, you don’t want to be paying money to have the post reach users in New York City. The three key filters we recommend are location, age, and interest. If you’re promoting a new beauty product, for example, you can even target specific people who have shown interest in topics such as “beauty,” “skin care,” etc.

  • Start small and learn.

    Don’t immediately boost a post with hundreds of dollars. Try boosting several kinds of posts and set a budget of $50/week. By doing this and tracking the progress, you can learn which type of content is most successful in reaching your goal, whether it may be highest reach or link clicks.

  • Follow the rules.

    Facebook has specific rules surrounding boosted posts. For example, your post can’t use a photo that contains text that covers more than 20% of the area. Make sure you know the rules before creating your perfect post, only to have it rejected.

  • Make your content appealing.

    Don’t write paragraphs of text, or have an unattractive photo. You want people to notice your post, not just scroll past it. If you get bored reading it, don’t post it!

If your small business already has a popular Facebook page, you are on the right track. But instead of just posting to your followers, consider boosting posts! Facebook boosted posts can be an affordable way to increase engagement, followers, and clicks to your website. Just be sure to remember to test out different posts and to define your audience!

Doing your own boosted posts on Facebook can be time consuming. Local Fresh makes it easy by doing it for you! Call or visit our website to see how our expert team can help you TODAY! https://localfresh.com/ 800.380.6841