Helping Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd

Nov 2, 2015

Helping Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd

Businesses, just like everybody else, want to be liked. But while being an outsider may not win you many popularity points in the school cafeteria, businesses that march to their own beat can develop incredibly strong brands.

When Dollar Shave Club first started it’s marketing campaign on YouTube featuring funny and slightly offbeat videos in 2013, few industry experts expected the brand the generate over $140 million in profits just two years later.

Or consider Old Spice, a brand more commonly associated with grandpa’s medicine cabinet than the body wash of choice for men under the age of 30. But the company dramatically redefined their image with their viral Old Spice Guy ads that brought non sequitur humor to the shampoo and soap market.

While it may seem impossible to reproduce the kind of marketing genius that helped to propel these two businesses, there is a method to how they used “anti-social” marketing to great success. Here are a few practices to consider for your own company when trying to forge a unique identify as a marketplace outsider.

Embrace The Unconventional

Studies have found ads that use humor stand out more to consumers, which explains why so many businesses have started to embrace unconventional forms of humor. An ad that delivers your company’s message while also being funny will help your brand stand out. After all, people are far more likely to remember the funniest Super Bowl ads they see versus more conventional types of advertising.

In addition to helping your ads stand out, declaring bold, oddball statements in your advertising demonstrates your band actually stand for something to consumers, which you shouldn’t take lightly in an age where consumers want to be able to identify with the products they buy.

Stay Committed

Few things can muddle a company’s message more so than inconsistent branding. The more consistent the message, the easier it becomes to attract new customers and the stronger a brand becomes. If you decide to start an original and offbeat ad campaign, you need to remain committed to seeing the campaign out till the end regardless of whether the campaign is slow to initially catch on.

Get a Mascot

Seriously. The gecko from Geico ranks as one of the most effective “mascots” that represents an individual brand, along with Tony the Tiger and Ronald McDonald. So why do mascots have such appeal? They possess reach, and are capable of appealing to the minds of both kids and adults alike. Mascots also offer endless possibilities when it comes to employing humor in advertising, as you can place a cartoon animal or clown in just about any situation possible.

Develop Content Worth Sharing

Surprisingly, at Local Fresh we still encounter people that question social media’s ability to develop and spread a brand’s message. Whether you post amusing photos on Instagram, tweet out jokes on Twitter or publish humorous content on Facebook, give your audience something worth sharing and you’ll start to see the reach of your brand expand.