What A Website Redesign Can Do For Your Business

Sep 30, 2016

What A Website Redesign Can Do For Your Business

When it comes to marketing and web development, Local Fresh provides our customers with the ability to dramatically improve the look and feel of their website to better meet their customers’ needs.

A variety of reasons can compel a business to finally take the plunge and dive into a website redesign. An outdated website can provide the impression that a company has fallen behind the competition, while a state-of-the-art website can serve as a better representation of a business’ brand and values. Equally important is how convenient and easy customers find a business’ website to navigate and use. Studies suggest the average website has about 50 milliseconds to strike a good first impression before a user starts to consider hitting the back button. If a customer takes one look at a site and thinks “why bother?”, a business has lost the opportunity to close on a valuable lead.

While a website redesign can offer the potential for a business to reconnect with customers in new and exciting ways, creating a new brand identity requires a lot of thought, planning and intuitive insight. The reason why Local Fresh is the right choice to be your local website developer is our ability to create a compelling, original brand that meets your business’ needs. To see how Local Fresh can improve your website, let’s examine how we recently assisted our client, Medical Center Eye Clinic, with creating a new online brand identity.

Redesigning Medical Center Eye Clinic

Old Site (Left) Vs. Redesign (Right)

Old Site (Left) vs. Redesigned Site (Right)

With a website that clearly placed them at a distance from their competition, this Salem, Oregon ophthalmology office decided they needed to focus on a complete website redesign.

“Our previous website was extremely outdated and not compatible with mobile devices,” says office manager Rebecca Nielson. “We wanted to have a wealth of information at the fingertips of our patients to help them become educated health consumers.”

With an old site that offered little more than a phone number and address to current and prospective patients, Medical Center Eye Clinic contracted Local Fresh to help them create a website that not only added value to patients, but also established a dynamic new online identity.

“We were looking for something that is mobile adaptive, in addition to giving our patients much more information about our services.”

Local Fresh began the redesign process by conducting a comprehensive review with the client of their old site – highlighting what worked and what needed improving – before establishing the client’s expectations for what they wanted to see in the new site’s design.

Once the framework was in place, we then proceeded to discuss the site’s new content and design structure with the client. A development site was created so the client could see in real time the design mockups and page layouts we proposed before agreeing to any changes. To ensure complete client satisfaction, Local Fresh requires sign off on every page and aspect of the site – from page copy to photo selection and layout – before final launch.

After a final review where we make sure all requested changes made by the client meets with their approval, the site is finally launched.

What was once a basic one-page site that offered limited information about the client and the services they offered to patients is now a 10-page website that features detailed information about their surgical and health services, optical department, doctors and a new and improved patient portal.

“Our favorite element to show people are the patient education videos as well as the drop down menus about our surgical procedures,” says Nielson about what the new site now offers patients.

In a process that took little time but offered enormous potential for new business and patient communication, Medical Center Eye Clinic successfully redesigned their brand identity from outdated and uninspired to sleek, dynamic and dramatically different.

“It is fresh and new while still encompassing the mission of our client and patient care philosophy. You guys hit the nail on the head with the design and functionality,” says Nielson about how Local Fresh improved their website.

Dr. Robert Tibolt – a senior staff member of Medical Center Eye Clinic – also raved about the new and improved site by saying, “‪Local Fresh has captured the essence of our ophthalmic practice in a website. That is hard to do. They are communicating the love, quality of care and attention to detail we share with our patients. Great Job, Local Fresh! Thank you!”

What Marketing and Web Development Can Do For You

Cliché as it may sound, we do live in a digital age. Unfortunately, there remains many businesses that still undervalue what a website redesign can mean not only in terms of new client acquisition, but in client retention as well. Businesses can no longer hope to get by with a website that does little more than act as a digital business card – offering only your name, phone number and address.

Just as Medical Center Eye Clinic realized the need to correct the image their old website, it’s never too late or too soon to consider what a newly designed site can do for your business. Local Fresh is here to help guide you through the process of creating a new brand identify that best represents you digitally to the world.

“The professional presentation all the way through implementation was clear and concise. The process wasn’t as hard as I once imagined it to be. [Local Fresh] made every step easy,” says Nielson.

To find out more about what Local Fresh can do for your business’ website click here. If you’d like to see more of our work, we invite you to visit our portfolio page. Here you can see how Local Fresh has helped businesses in industries as wide ranging as dentistry, food service, manufacturing, utilities and design.

Don’t wait to improve your website. Contact Local Fresh today, and soon you too will be seeing clearly just how much a website redesign can do for you.

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