Tips For Improving Your Business Blog Posts

Mar 21, 2017

Tips For Improving Your Business Blog Posts

One of the foundations of any successful inbound media marketing strategy, business blogging offers a great avenue for improving online visibility. Content creations strategies help drive increased traffic to a company’s website, converts web traffic into leads, transforms a business into an authoritative voice within your industry, and drives long-term sales. Creating compelling business blog content requires developing a certain skill set that will help achieve your goals. While you may never write the next great American novel, you can start creating great blog content that will help your business stand out by following these tips.

Developing Compelling Content

Getting your audience to love the writing content you create may seem like an impossible task. However, it’s possible to create content that generates a steady stream of referrals, leads, and customers. Keep these simple writing rules in mind when creating your content and soon your blog posts will work to increase social sharing, time spent on-page, and clicks.

  • Develop a clear point of view. A focused point of view distinguishes your content from the noise that is the Internet. While your posts don’t need to create controversy, they do need to establish a clear viewpoint. Develop content that demands the reader’s attention by offering your audience something that in its own way is different from what others are saying or doing.
  • Set a conservational tone. Your business’ blog is an extension of your own professional voice. Create relevant and interesting content that is both easy to digest while also a reflection of your business’ mission and culture. Unless needed, avoid using technical jargon that’s hard for those outside of your industry to understand, overly complex sentences, or a passive tense. Concise language works best.
  • Optimize your content. Never forget that you’re writing for the web, which means you’re writing by Google’s standards. This means optimizing your blog using the appropriate keywords and SEO tools needed to rank highly in organic search results. Your blog should also be stylized for easy consumption on desktop or mobile devices. This means shorter paragraphs, increased use of white spaces to make content more digestible, and the use of subheadings and bullets points that allow your blog to be easily scanned.
  • Write compelling headlines. What makes a headline compelling? Simple – whatever gets them to click through and read your post. Use emotional terminology that will generate enough curiosity in your readers to make them want to learn more. Numbers like “Top 10” or “Top 5” continue to work – especially on social media sites – as long as the rest of the headline isn’t junk. Spend time crafting compelling headlines because they offer the easiest avenue for attracting more readers and customers.
  • Drive home your message. Just as the beginning of your blog needs to give the audience a reason to keep reading, the end of your blog needs to make the whole experience worthwhile by delivering home your message. Readers who leave your blog post not only feeling informed, but also inspired, will keep returning to your blog for more compelling content.

Inspiring Your Media Marketing Strategy

When done right, content media marketing strategies can capture the attention of your target audience, create a loyal fan base, and convert visitors into customers. Keep in mind that the majority of your readers don’t want a sales pitch. Some of them may not even be interested in the products or services your business has to offer. However, people that do come looking for those products or services want to know what they stand to benefit for your business. Keep your writing focused on providing information your target audience will find helpful, will make their lives easier, or make them happier in the long run. That’s the kind of content users seek out and will keep them coming back for more.

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