The 3 Myths of Email Marketing

Aug 22, 2017

The 3 Myths of Email Marketing

For small business owners trying to develop an email marketing strategy, finding a way to get your messages into the inboxes of potential new customers is vital. Unfortunately, some of the common misconceptions about email marketing actually shows us that the real challenge has nothing to do with the inbox at all. Developing a successful strategy simply requires creating email content that your target audience actually wants to read.

To understand how to revitalize your email marketing strategy, it’s important to see through the most common myths associated with email marketing. By refining your focus to shift towards sharing content that receivers actively want to open, we can move away from these myths and improve the overall performance of your marketing plan.

Myth 1: Everybody wants the email marketing content I’m offering.

It takes time to craft a well-planned and executed email marketing strategy. It’s only natural that we think the content we have developed and distributed is something that’s going to widely appeal to everyone on our marketing list.

However, the truth is some people can live happily having never opened one of your marketing emails. That’s perfectly fine. The true objective of your campaign isn’t to appeal to everybody but to please those who actively want to engage with your brand online, and find more people like them.

Take the time to really get to know your audience. Ask them to provide regular feedback, survey them, and crunch the analytic numbers to discover what really captures their interest. Just make sure to avoid crossing the line from inquisitive to annoying. Your audience will happily provide you feedback but you shouldn’t take advantage of that by constantly pestering them.

Once you begin to better understand your audience, you’ll know exactly what products, services, or features would be beneficial to them. The more you understand what your audience wants, the better prepared you’ll be to provide it to them.

Myth 2: My marketing emails are not showing up in the inboxes of my subscribers.

It’s not that your emails are not showing up or not getting through. The real question is where are you emails actually landing?

Inbox filtering – a common featured on any email service – may cause your promotional or marketing emails to get automatically filtered into a “Promotions,” “Updates,” or “Spam” folder.

Keep this in mind. You need personal engagement to have your emails consistently show up in a customer’s primary inbox rather than be relegated to a filtered folder instead.

While the focus of person-to-person emails is largely on interpersonal communication, engagement for email marketing is a little different. With email marketing, your goal is it convince a group of people – those on your email subscription list – to engage with your content by clicking on the embedded links that takes them to the call-to-action page on your website, social media page, or blog.

You can even provide your customer’s with the opportunity to respond to surveys or questionnaires you’ve built into your email marketing campaign.

The more content you send to subscribers that they want to open – and the more opportunity you provide from them to click-through to even more relevant information, promotional deals, and feedback – the more times you’ll simply skip the filtering mechanisms and arrive where your customers will see your emails.

Myth 3: Open rates don’t influence whether they arrive in a primary email inbox.

If your target audience displays a high engagement in opening your emails, it helps to build a solid reputation with email services like Google, Outlook, and Yahoo.

As your audience opens and engages with more of your email content, it sends a pretty clear signal to inbox algorithms that help to determine which inbox your email is delivered. This type of reputation building is vial if you want your emails delivered to a primary inbox rather than a less desirable location.

Local Fresh Can Help Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing continues to have the highest return on investment of any marketing channel for helping to grow your small business. If you need assistance moving past the myths of email marketing, Local Fresh is here to help. Our team of small business email marketing experts understand what it takes to improve engagement, open, and click-through rates that will enable your campaign and business grow.

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