Content Marketing Strategies For “Boring” Businesses

Oct 5, 2017

Content Marketing Strategies For “Boring” Businesses

As a small business owner, you need to make the services and products you offer seem desirable to your customer base. This is fairly easy if you run a boutique that sells the latest fashions or you own a bakery that features the best pastries in town. But what’s a small business owner do when the industry you operate in is considered boring, bland or just not that interesting? At Local Fresh, we see many clients in industries like dentistry, manufacturing, and pest control struggle with this very question.

Does Your Industry Fail To Excite?

It’s not uncommon for many entrepreneurs to think traditional marketing won’t work if they’re in an industry considered “boring” by the public. Fortunately, that misconception is far from the truth. After all, if marketing were not an option for every business, than many “boring” industries would fail to exist. Effective marketing produces sales, which every business requires.

It really doesn’t matter what industry your small business fall in, as every company has the ability to break from stereotype of being boring. You just need to reexamine how you think about your industry.

That’s not to say that some businesses don’t have to work harder to make their marketing dreams a reality. A dentist will have a much harder time generating excitement over his or her services when compared to a masseuse, just as a company that manufactures custom machine parts will need to be a lot more creative to generate the same buzz a car company will receive when launching a new product. However, if you’re willing to invest in the right strategies and be creative, you’ll soon uncover just how secretly sexy your industry can be.

One of the best tools for businesses in non-sexy industries is to use content marketing to make their products or services seem more interesting. Utilizing the right content strategies can help you improve the image of your industry, while also better engaging your target audience. Just keep these helpful tips in mind.

Make The Most Of Your Opportunities

Small business owners who operate in “boring” industries actually have an advantage over their peers in more sought after fields. If your industry is considered boring, your competition probably feels the same way. This means they probably won’t invest much in their own content marketing efforts. If the competition doesn’t effectively market themselves, you’ll face significantly less competition for keywords and topics. This makes it drastically more affordable to compete within your niche when compared to businesses in sexier fields that need to invest heavily in marketing in order to stand out from the crowd.

Be Relevant

Brainstorming content topics can be difficult for businesses in less attractive industries. It’s challenging to create compelling content that centers on topics like brushing and flossing, car insurance or termite fumigation. If the inner workings of your industry fail the sizzle test, you may start to consider creating content on unrelated topics to generate increased web traffic or backlinks. Unfortunately, this is a trap that many small businesses fall into that offers little reward.

You need to focus on creating content that’s relevant to your business, regardless of whether it has link bait qualities. While these types of blog posts may not offer the same kind of SEO boost as link bait articles, you don’t want to build a following of users who don’t have any interest in your products or services. It doesn’t matter if you notice an uptick in web traffic after every time you post a blog reviewing a new restaurant in town if no one who reads your content wants to compare insurance premiums or schedule a dental appointment.

Inform Your Audience

If you want people to find your products interesting, you need to make them feel informed. Consumers love insight and data, especially when presented in a visual medium. Images, infographics and charts should always frame data in an interesting and attractive manner. Visual aids also make it easier to share your content, which can increase interest and drive more traffic to your website.

Don’t Be So Formal

If you find talking about your products is less boring than writing about them, you’re doing something wrong. Most people have a speaking style that’s different from how they write. But there’s a huge difference between creating compelling content marketing and academic writing. It’s perfectly fine to write like you speak. In fact, the more emotion, humor and personality infused into your content, the more it will resonate with your target audience.

Break It Up

Readers don’t enjoy being overwhelmed with information, and they can easily lose focus on what your content is trying to say. Breaking up your content into easily digestible bites is the key to creating successful content marketing. Making it easy for readers to consume your content is what will truly help your content sell your services. Captions, images, bold words and subheadings can all be used to effectively break up your content and make it appear more engaging.


It can be difficult to make quality, dependable products seem sexy to the public. Fortunately, Local Fresh can help any small business improve its content marketing strategy so your products seem interesting to your target audience.

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