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A full service digital marketing agency, Local Fresh helps clients tell their individual stories by providing the tools necessary to market themselves online.

At Local Fresh, we work closely with clients to find creative solutions to their marketing needs. We start by assessing a client's current brand, positioning, pricing, and market conditions before devising the best strategies and tactics required to achieve your goals and objectives.

Our creative team will help you communicate your business' message through the use of the best in graphic and web design, brand identity, content creation, and print media. We can also assist you with navigating the online marketing environment, provide detailed assessments of technical needs, offer development of relevant applications and supply managed web hosting services.

Let Us Tell Your Story

Our vision is to tell our clients’ stories in a way that helps their small businesses get noticed and experience long-term success. We thrive through the collective creativity and synergy of our team. Our solutions are:

  • Strategic – We start by assessing current brand, positioning, pricing strategy and market conditions, and then define the right strategies and tactics to best achieve objectives.
  • Creative – We help small business communicate their message through bringing together the best in graphic design, web design, brand identity, content creation, photography services and print media.
  • Technical – We help our clients navigate the web, providing assessment of technical needs, development of relevant applications, crafting information to communicate your message, and managed web hosting.

We Take Accountability

Our goal is to provide superior services and products that add more value than our competitors in order to grow our business for the benefit of our community of clients, team members, partners and shareholders.

In the end we will always be measured by the solutions we provide, the relationships we build, and the results we deliver. We take pride in what we do and know the right clients will always value these things.

We Value Relationships

Building healthy, long-term relationships with colleagues ensures an environment that encourages learning, growth, and creativity. We work hard to nurture these relationships through autonomy, adopting lean processes, good communication, and a lot of humor.

Building high-quality, enduring relationships with clients ensures that we have the knowledge and insight required to communicate the unique message of each small business owner to the most relevant audience.

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We Embrace Change

We believe that business processes are critical to achieving our goals, but we also realize that all processes can be improved to enhance results. We understand that change is the only constant in the Internet marketing world. We shall strive to recognize and embrace change in order to continuously adapt and innovate.

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