How to Boost Patient Referrals

patient referral

When trying to develop a pipeline of new patients, dental practice owners often hear about the importance of utilizing various marketing techniques that range from boosted Facebook posts to pay-per-click advertising to local search engine optimization. While each of these strategies have their individual strengths and merits, you don’t want to make the mistake of…

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How Secure is Your Dental Practice Website Against a Cyber Attack?

cyber attack

Pay attention to the news and you can’t help but hear about another massive data breach or successful cyber attack. While most hacks don’t result in gas shortages that threaten to undermine the country’s infrastructure, cyber attacks cause significant financial damage to every industry in the world. In 2019 alone, the healthcare industry lost an…

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What Makes a Great Dental Practice Website?

dental practice website

Just 20 years ago, successful dental practice marketing strategies involved placing a well-positioned ad in the Yellow Pages and sending out a few mailers to members of the local community. Today, potential patients find their next dentist through a Google search, which means you need a strong online presence if you hope to keep your…

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Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Dental Practice

content marketing

Content marketing offers a great cost effective strategy for any type of business to use in order to build its brand and expand name recognition. Unfortunately, at Do More Dental we see a lot of our dental practice clients underestimate what content marketing can offer their business. Many successful dentists buy into the misconception that…

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Four Keys to Successfully Running a Group Dental Practice

group dental practice

Successfully running just one dental practice requires an enormous amount of effort, so why are dentists deciding to invest in running multiple offices as part of a larger group? In a trend that has continued to pick up momentum, the number of group dental practices in the U.S. has grown over the last decade. While…

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Tips on How to Transform New Patients Into Repeat Patients

Much of dental practice marketing today is designed towards attracting new patients to offices with schedules to fill and chair times to utilize. In our DoMoreDental blog, we’ve recently covered emerging trends in dental practice marketing, how SEO practices can benefit our dental clients, and even how to improve front office productivity so that staff…

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