Small Business Need to Embrace the Potential of Local SEO

Local SEO

If a website doesn’t appear on the first page of a Google search, does it even exist? To the average user looking for information, the answer is clearly no. Studies have found that websites listed on the first page of a search result receive 95 percent of the clicks. Even more telling, nearly 68 percent…

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Cloudflare Offers the Reliability Your Website Requires

For a business to succeed, it requires a website that will consistently service the needs of a customer base that expects 24-hour access. When a sight goes down, either as the result of a technical glitch or the actions of a hacker, a business can suffer the loss of sales, trust, and credibility from its…

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Content Marketing Strategies For “Boring” Businesses

content marketing strategies

As a small business owner, you need to make the services and products you offer seem desirable to your customer base. This is fairly easy if you run a boutique that sells the latest fashions or you own a bakery that features the best pastries in town. But what’s a small business owner do when…

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What to do When Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

content marketing strategy

Nearly every type of business interested in success has developed some kind of content marketing strategy. At this point, content marketing has become widely adopted, with an estimated 94 percent or small businesses, 93 percent of B2Bs, and 77 percent of B2Cs having developed and implemented a strategy. However, while most marketers recognize the value…

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Marketing Online to Boomers

best marketing practices for small businesses

Listen, read, or review the best marketing practices for small businesses and you’re sure to hear about the importance of tailoring your marketing campaign to meet the needs of millennials. While it’s true that this much maligned generation offers immense buying power, there’s another often overlooked generation that offers even more potential to any business’…

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How To Shop Like a Millennial

online local marketing

Millennials. A fickle group, but one that every online local business needs to better understand if they hope to tap into the immense buying potential this generation possesses. However, appealing to a group of people that have never known life without the Internet means becoming familiar with their preferred shopping habits and how they differ…

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