Demand Generation

Increase sales with attention-getting campaigns

Demand Generation

Increase sales with attention-getting campaigns

The "it" Factor.

Every business needs that "it" factor that transforms prospects into loyal fans and turns the competition green with envy. We'll bring the swagger to your campaigns and events to keep you top of mind.




Marketing Automation

Automation enables your business to save time and money by using technology to manage different aspects of your marketing process. Whether an automated email campaign, text reminder or sales update, when your business uses automation to handle repetitive tasks you free up team members to focus on more important things.

The team at LocalFresh will work with you to identify areas of your marketing strategy that will benefit from the implementation of automation. Once in place, automation will help to nurture lead generation and closing, as well as provide you with a way to measure the ROI of any marketing campaign.

Going crazy trying to get leads?

Someone once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." If your old, tried-and-true ways of generating leads aren't working, we can stop the insanity.

Schedule a 15-minute meeting with one of our demand generation experts, and we'll show you new, innovative ways to fill that lead pipeline. Schedule today or call 800-380-6841.


Email Marketing

Email marketing offers your business the opportunity to build trust, establish credibility and expand relationships and sales with your customer base. It will also grab the attention of prospects, and get them to take action and expand your sales funnel.

We understand the elements that are key to creating a successful email campaign, starting with understanding your goals and identifying your target audience. Then we apply our knowledge of lead nurturing to step your prospects through a series of interactions that will qualify them as potential customers that your sales team can follow up on.

Google Ads/Display Campaigns

An effective Google Ads campaign creates enormous reach that provides a business the opportunity to attract new customers by appearing above the organic search results and in the ads featured on their favorite websites. Google Ads also offers an incredible wealth of data that your business can use to track sales, determine ROI, and find new potential customers in areas you might not expect.

From A/B testing different ad campaigns to timing your ads to run when your target audience is looking, the certified Google Ads experts at LocalFresh will manage your campaign, generating the results needed to get a high return on your marketing investment.


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Events these days run the gamut from in-person to virtual to a hybrid mix of the two. We understand the nuances of each type of event and how you can get the best ROI from trade shows, conventions, webinars, workshops, community festivals, networking gatherings, and more.

It takes more than a booth and a business card for an event to be successful. At LocalFresh, we will create an integrated campaign that starts with compelling messaging and building a program that generates excitement, attracts attendees, and ensures closed-loop follow-up afterward.