Barrett Family Dental


The Client

Barrett Family Dental is a privately owned and individually operated single dental practice. They specialize in providing the type of advanced, comprehensive dental care patients of all ages require to maintain and improve their long-term oral health.

The Situation

Dr. Richie Barrett purchased the practice in 2013 from another dentist who imposed limitations on the use of the practice's existing branding and online presence. With no ability to use any of the practice's established resources, Dr. Richie needed a complete fresh start for his business, including a new website, logo, brand identity, and online marketing strategy.

Deciding the first step he needed to take was the creation of a website for his practice, Dr. Richie turned to DMD for help.

"I needed to get my name out there and gain some brand recognition so that I could get my business started,"

Dr. Richie Barrett

"I can stand in the parking lot outside of my office and see two other dental practices nearby, It's just that competitive here."

Dr. Richie Barrett

The Challenge

Located in an incredibly competitive suburban market, Dr. Richie needed solutions for helping his brand stand out so he could attract the new patients his business needed to grow.

With no website, no brand recognition and few existing patients, Dr. Richie need to quickly establish his practice's standing within the community if he hoped to not only grow his business, but even keep it afloat during this critical period.

The Solution

DMD created a new website for Barrett Family Dental designed to help establish Dr. Richie as an oral health expert within his community. The DMD team of local dental SEO experts worked to perfectly optimize the Barrett Family Dental site so that it would meet all of Google's best standards and practices, helping to ensure the site would rank highly among organic search results.

With the site designed, built, and SEO optimized, DMD began running an aggressive PPC campaign for Barrett Family Dental, along with utilizing all available social and local marketing channels, to help further establish and grow the practice's brand.

Finally, DMD has remained a steady and reliable partner with Barrett Family Dental over the last seven years. Over the years, DMD has helped Dr. Richie navigate a website refresh, addressed fluctuations in SEO rankings, adjusted PPC campaign spend, and was there to deal with any other issue he or his practice needed assistance in handling.

"I think the Adwords have been incredibly helpful at enabling our practice to really standout among so much competition"

Dr. Richie Barrett

"They've been my sole online advertising partner this entire time. DMD has been a key guiding factor in our growth, and they've done a really great job. I couldn't be more satisfied."

Dr. Richie Barrett

The Results

After the first year, new patient acquisition started to steadily increase. "Considering that we started with nothing and operate in an incredibly saturated market, I thought that was reasonable," says Dr. Richie. By the end of 2015, Barrett Family Dental was averaging a number of new patients each month that was in the low teens. Since then, "That number has doubled over the last couple of years," he reports.

Now, Barrett Family Dental has managed to acquire over 1,000 patients, while also lowering their new patient acquisition cost to just $150. Their recently refreshed website "looks modern and new," and the practice continues to rank consistently well in both local and organic listings.

Lowered Acquisition Costs


Acquired New Patients