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Cloudflare Offers the Reliability Your Website Requires

By Timothy Lemke | Nov 16, 2020

For a business to succeed, it requires a website that will consistently service the needs of a customer base that expects 24-hour access. When a sight goes down, either as the result of a technical glitch or the actions of a hacker, a business can suffer the loss of sales, trust, and credibility from its…

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Ram Steelco’s New Website Offers Customized Options

By Timothy Lemke | Oct 16, 2020

At LocalFresh, we design and build websites tailored to meet our clients’ needs. When Ram Steelco approached us to redesign their existing website, they requested an ecommerce site that would allow customers to get a specific quote on the exact parts they wanted to purchase. A standard ecommerce website that provides customers the option of…

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Digital Marketing Agency LocalFresh Creates a Unique Hybrid Model That Will Blend Marketing Services and Technology

By Local Fresh | Feb 20, 2020

Agency Secures Strategic Investment to Drive Technology and Market Expansion Portland, OR: February 24, 2020—Today, LocalFresh, a Portland-based digital marketing agency, announced that they have acquired strategic private investors as well as IT and software engineering resources through the partnership. The funding and resources will accelerate the development of their unique, hybrid model that combines…

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4 Tips on How to Improve Your SEO Strategy

By Timothy Lemke | Mar 29, 2019
SEO strategy

Search engines like Google enable potential new customers to find your business by looking over your website content for relevant keywords that indicate whether what you have to offer matches what a user is search for. When it comes to developing a successful SEO strategy, your job is to make sure the right keywords appear…

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Digital Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Can Afford

By Timothy Lemke | Feb 20, 2019
small business

Small businesses often find themselves at a disadvantage when trying to complete with larger regional or national competitors that have more well-established names and far bigger marketing budgets. Fortunately, technology continues to help level the playing field for small business owners looking to compete against their biggest competition. By establishing an effective digital presence, a…

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Tips on How to Transform New Patients Into Repeat Patients

By Timothy Lemke | Mar 27, 2018
dental practice marketing

Much of dental practice marketing today is designed towards attracting new patients to offices with schedules to fill and chair times to utilize. In our Local Fresh blog, we’ve recently covered emerging trends in dental practice marketing, how SEO practices can benefit our dental clients, and even how to improve front office productivity so that…

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3 Emerging Trends in Dental Practice Marketing

By Timothy Lemke | Mar 15, 2018
dental practice marketing strategies

With the first quarter of 2018 coming to a close, the top digital marketing trends of the year have started to emerge. For small businesses, the quarter point offers an excellent opportunity to reexamine yearly marketing strategies put into place at the beginning of the year, and make any necessary course corrections to get back…

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Making the Most Out of Your Small Business Marketing Budget

By Timothy Lemke | Mar 13, 2018
small business marketing

For small businesses and those just opening their doors, marketing budgets are usually fairly tight. To make sure a business can grow, while still maintaining its bottom line, every marketing dollar needs to be stretched to the limit. Here are a few small business marketing strategies you can use to instantly get more out of…

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Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Dental Practice

By Timothy Lemke | Mar 8, 2018
content marketing

Content marketing offers a great cost effective strategy for any type of business to use in order to build its brand and expand name recognition. Unfortunately, at Local Fresh we see a lot of our dental practice clients underestimate what content marketing can offer their business. Many successful dentists buy into the misconception that dentistry…

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Mastering Local SEO on a Budget

By Timothy Lemke | Mar 6, 2018
local SEO

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, every business needs to take advantage of successful local SEO strategies to improve their website’s search engine rankings. Unfortunately, there are too many small business owners who still consistently fail to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Why? Many try to justify paying too little attention to SEO by saying…

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