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Redefining What a Customer Referral Means to Your Small Business

By Timothy Lemke | Feb 22, 2018
customer referral

When operating a small business, many small things can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Every successful customer interaction carries a certain value that begins to accumulate over time. If your business collects enough of this currency, it will hopefully lead to what every business strives to obtain – a customer referral. Referrals…

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4 Steps Towards Improving Front Office Productivity

By Timothy Lemke | Feb 20, 2018
dental practice management

When it comes to successful dental practice management, your front office staff plays a key role keeping patients satisfied and you on schedule. After all, a packed schedule means full chair times and plenty of traffic moving in and out of your office. And while this is great for business, a hectic work environment can…

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What Makes a Great Dental Practice Website?

By Timothy Lemke | Feb 15, 2018
dental practice marketing

Just 20 years ago, successful dental practice marketing strategies involved placing a well-positioned ad in the Yellow Pages and sending out a few mailers to members of the local community. Today, potential patients find their next dentist through a Google search, which means you need a strong online presence if you hope to keep your…

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6 Steps Towards Becoming a Better Blogger

By Timothy Lemke | Feb 8, 2018
content creation strategy

If writing a blog is part of your small business content creation strategy, you may struggle with how to make good content great. The average marketer spends anywhere from 1 to 2 hours creating a 500-word blog post. That’s a lot of time and energy to spend on one fairly short post. As a small…

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The First 4 Steps of Marketing Your Small Business

By Timothy Lemke | Feb 6, 2018
Local Fresh

So you’ve finally taken the plunge and started your own business. Whether a boutique, restaurant, salon, or dental practice, you’ve decided the time has come to realize the dream of being your own boss. While congratulations are certainly in order, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea that the success or failure of…

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Add a Personal Touch to Your Holiday Greetings

By Timothy Lemke | Dec 7, 2017

With the holiday season quickly reaching its zenith, a tradition as annual as decorating the tree and pretending to enjoy your great aunt’s fruitcake is well underway – businesses sending out generic holiday cards to their clients and customers. But instead of joining the crowd in hastily filling out envelops and licking stamps, why not…

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How to Create Desirable Content

By Timothy Lemke | Dec 5, 2017
small business content marketing strategy

Developing a successful small business content marketing strategy requires juggling a lot of balls, with each one representing a key component in determining how your strategy pays off. If we keep in mind that only 30 percent of B2B marketers report that their organizations have an effective content marketing strategy, it’s worth the time to…

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3 Email Marketing Trends Every Small Business Should Embrace

By Timothy Lemke | Nov 21, 2017
email marketing

Email marketing has come a long way since AOL first popularized the medium by announcing to users that “You’ve Got Mail.” While the techniques used to develop and implement a successful email marketing strategy have certainly changed over the last 20 years, one thing has remained the same – email marketing still provides an outstanding…

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How to Boost Patient Referrals

By Timothy Lemke | Nov 16, 2017
patient referrals

When trying to develop a pipeline of new patients, dental practice owners often hear about the importance of utilizing various marketing techniques that range from boosted Facebook posts to pay-per-click advertising to local search engine optimization. While each of these strategies have their individual strengths and merits, you don’t want to make the mistake of…

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Three Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Timothy Lemke | Nov 2, 2017
content marketing strategy

Entrepreneurs have no shortage of options when digitally marketing their small business. From website banner ads to Google Adwords to remarketing campaigns, small businesses have a glut of options that enable them to get their brand in front of potential customers. But how much of an impact do these traditional means of advertising really offer?…

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