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Preparing Your Website For Cyber Monday

By Timothy Lemke | Oct 24, 2017
holiday shopping

Every minute of Cyber Monday could mean major profits for your small business. This makes it vital that emerchants are prepared to meet the demands of their customers to ensure a positive shopping experience that could help to create a lifetime customer.

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Questioning Your Dental Practice’s Cancelation Policy

By Timothy Lemke | Oct 19, 2017
dental practice

Few things cause the kind of chaos and uncertainty in a dental office like canceled appointments. Not only do they throw off the day’s schedule, they also create uncertainty regarding staffing, doctor availability, and a practice’s ability to meet its monthly financial goals.  Of course, trying to develop successful strategies that work to decrease patient…

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Why Your Small Business Website Needs a Refresh

By Timothy Lemke | Oct 17, 2017
small business website

When businesses first began creating websites during the ‘90s they basically looked and acted like a digital brochure. Pertinent information was displayed with very little thought given to style or user satisfaction. Today, the look and feel of websites has changed dramatically with much of that change being driven by the goal of providing customers…

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How Smartphones Influence Our Buying Decisions

By Timothy Lemke | Oct 12, 2017

When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, few fully appreciated just how significantly the release would change everything from how we communicate to how we shop. In less than a decade, mobile technology become permanently ingrained into basically every aspect of our daily lives. Today, people have become inseparable from their Galaxies and iPhones. We…

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Content Marketing Strategies For “Boring” Businesses

By Timothy Lemke | Oct 5, 2017
content marketing strategies

As a small business owner, you need to make the services and products you offer seem desirable to your customer base. This is fairly easy if you run a boutique that sells the latest fashions or you own a bakery that features the best pastries in town. But what’s a small business owner do when…

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Why Keyword Rankings Isn’t the Most Important Metric

By Timothy Lemke | Oct 3, 2017
SEO strategy

If you’re like many small business owners that have already taken the plunge into developing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for their website, you probably have already gotten into the habit of Googling the keywords you believe are the most relevant to see if you appear on the first page. You also probably spend…

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Tips On Developing Your Business’ Content Marketing Strategy

By Timothy Lemke | Sep 28, 2017
content marketing strategy

If you’re like most small business owners who dabble in content marketing, there’s a pretty good chance you probably don’t have a documented content marketing strategy. Unfortunately, like in chess, working without well thought-out strategy means you’ll quickly be checkmated by the competition. One recent survey reported that 61 percent of successful marketers used a…

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The Benefits of Blogging

By Timothy Lemke | Sep 26, 2017

When it comes to running a successful small business website, content marketing is king. From improving your website’s search rankings on Google to helping you become a thought leader and innovator in your field, creating original content that appeals to your target audience offers businesses significant advantages. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t fully understand or…

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5 Things Your Dental Practice Website Needs to Focus On Improving

By Timothy Lemke | Sep 21, 2017
dental practice marketing

During the good old days of dental practice marketing, all you needed was a well-placed Yellow Pages add, a community mailer, and a solid reputation to ensure that a steady stream of new patients would keep your appointment calendar full and your chairs filled. Today, the Yellow Pages has been replaced by Google search engine…

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Why Dental Practice Security Needs to Be Your Top Priority

By Timothy Lemke | Sep 14, 2017
dental practice security

Running a private dental practice requires the protection of patients’ private medical and financial information so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of criminals seeking to exploit this valuable data. As we have just recently seen with the Equifax data breach, serious and lasting consequences can occur when businesses fail to take the appropriate…

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