Brand Marketing

brandIn today’s age of brand marketing, with endless marketing messages competing for very short attention spans, clearly communicating your organization's “story” is imperative. Articulating and embracing your brand story from within makes this possible.

So often businesses skip this vital step, resulting in brand confusion. People within your organization move in different directions, each telling their own version of your story. Customers receive mixed messages and your brand story becomes diluted and fails to connect. As a business strategy, brand alignment helps you ensure everybody inside your organization fully understands and embraces your unique truths, and that everyone from CEO to receptionist can answer the most basic of questions: Why do we do what we do? And, more importantly, why should anybody really care? How are we relevant as a business today?

Brand Identity Plans & Pricing

We treat your brand with care; like the goose that lays the golden eggs for your business. Even a small investment in brand development can pay huge dividends for your business in the long run. What Local Fresh farm grade would you like your brand eggs to be?

Branding Can Make or Break Your Business

In a world where competition in the market moves at light speed, how do you ensure that what you promise as a business stays relevant to customers, employees and partners? Even more important, how do you ensure your entire organization can fully live up to those promises? Typically, brand perception is much easier to correct than your brand itself. Our proprietary Brand Alignment Process analyzes your organizational vision, objectives and operational reality to make recommendations and help you adjust what we call the Six Points of Your Brand Story:

  1. Focus – Is your message focused and consistent with your ideas and values, or do you send mixed messages?
  2. Relevance – Does your message make a real difference to your target customers, and do they care?
  3. Core Values – Are you clearly communicating the core values and differentiators of your company such as integrity, disruptive technology, highest quality of service, etc.?
  4. Personality – Do customers and prospects see your company as it truly is (fun, conservative, professional, etc.)?
  5. Affinity – Does your brand attract your target customers and keep them coming back?
  6. Experience – Does the experience you promise match the reality of what and how you deliver value?

Brand Identity Solutions - Let Us Tell Your Story

To compete in today’s ultra-competitive markets, your company’s identity must communicate your brand promise, project your brand experience and change the perception your target audiences have about your company. Beyond logo design or the visual interpretation of a brand, Local Fresh helps clients align brand promise with customer experience to develop a clear, consistent communications strategy that creates emotional connections with customers across every touch point. Brand marketing solutions include:

  • Brand Alignment
  • Unique Selling Proposition / Tag Line Development
  • Identity Materials
  • Brand Use / Style Guide
  • Logo/Mark Design - We'll assist you with selecting and arranging the right symbols, imagery and messaging needed to position your brand for success. Local Fresh uses a simple and affordable approach to logo design and branding by utilizing crowd-sourcing to bring you the most innovative ideas.

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