Public Relations

public_relationsPublic relations consists of more than just random interactions with the media or regularly scheduled press releases. At Local Fresh, we view public relations as an invaluable strategy for incorporating a wide range of specialized communication opportunities. The PR tools we use work in conjunction with the bigger picture of developing the success of your small business.

Understanding your place in the market is foundational to crafting a message and presenting it to the appropriate audience. Your reputation builds on this foundation, and by incorporating print, television and online media to enhance the image of your small business, you can further interact with the audience needed to experience success.

Because of the immediacy of information today, material placed online about your small business, whether online reviews, press releases, or content-driven marketing through blog posts and well-placed articles on niche websites, takes on a greater importance than ever before. PR should be an integrated part of your organizations's larger Content / Social Marketing strategy, including blog posts and other engaging materials on media outlets that best correspond to your industry/specialty. This material can then be utilized to capture the interest of additional followers to interact with your brand through engagement on your website and email marketing opportunities.

Building Relationships To Enhance Communications

At Local Fresh, we help small business owners identify their areas of expertise and work on leveraging relationships with bloggers, local media contacts and community leaders to get your message out. We can help you identify and prepare for the opportunities that are right for your small business, including public speaking or presenting information online through webinars or video seminars. Effective Public Relations reaches and influences every relevant audience to your organization and includes:

  • Online media relations (analysts, bloggers, forum moderators, influentials)
  • Mainstream media relations (TV, radio, print)
  • Community relations
  • Customer and employee relations
  • Media rooms
  • Crisis communications
  • Optimized press releases
  • Speaking campaigns
  • Webinars and video

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