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Why Google Plus Matters To Your Business

Why Google Plus Matters To Your Business

There are way too many social networks these days. The consolidation will happen soon enough, but in the meantime, which networks should you use to engage customers?

The answer depends largely on your business. Consumer-focused businesses must be on Facebook, but what about Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc.? And if you’re a B2B business then you must engage on LinkedIn and Twitter. But there is one social network all businesses should be focusing on for 2014 …. Google Plus.

Why? Because Google is incentivizing you to. That’s right; the more content you add, the more conversations you create and follow, the better your organic search results will be on Google. And since that’s where 65% of all online searches happen your business will only profit from the time and effort you spend building and engaging an audience via your business Google+ page.

There are dozens of great videos and articles on how to leverage G+ for SEO value:

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10 Ideas to Use Pinterest for Your Dental Practice

10 Ideas to Use Pinterest for Your Dental Practice

Since there is more than enough talk about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for medical and dental practices, now I’d like to call the attention to another social networking tool. I’m referring to Pinterest. With a gorgeous browsing experience, and an 80% female user base, it is often an overlooked social network in healthcare marketing.… Continue Reading

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