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Get noticed, get coverage, get social

Social Media & PR

Get noticed, get coverage, get social


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Your company is more than the products or services you deliver. It's a vibe, a personality, a reputation. We'll make sure the rest of the world gets your vibe by connecting you with the right audiences, influencers, and media. We'll also help you gather great reviews and deal with the unflattering ones so you establish a stellar reputation.

  • Social Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • PR Strategy and Media Relations
  • Reputation Management

Social Strategy and Roadmap Development

A successful social media strategy requires more than just posting a few blogs or funny memes to Facebook or Instagram. The process starts by defining your target audience, addressing their issues, and determining what social channels are best to reach them.

Then, we create a roadmap that aligns with your business goals and amplifies your message, complete with the graphics and content to gain attention and get your audience to take action.

Whether your social strategy focuses on organic posts or sponsored ads or both, we will track and monitor your campaigns to determine if the right goals and key performance indicators are being met.

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PR Strategy and Media Relations

-PR isn't just for Fortune 500s. We help small and medium businesses get noticed in their markets with a PR strategy, press releases, and by pitching articles to editors. We can also seek out opportunities to contribute content as a subject matter expert. 

Good press can generate positive word-of-mouth, and lend credibility to your business.

But we know that getting the attention of journalists, bloggers, and influencers can be difficult. With an established relationship with the press and the ability to tell your story in a way the media will want to cover, we can help make your brand newsworthy.

Reputation Management

Just like good press can generate positive word-of-mouth, so can good reviews.

Consumers today won’t do business with brands they don’t trust, and one of the first things buyers do is check the reviews.

Nurturing good reviews, and handling bad ones, is a business imperative that will directly impact your bottom line.

The stakes are high, and we know how to help you be more effective managing your reputation by showcasing good reviews, creating buzz about your products or services, and getting recognition for contributions to your community. We can also help you address complaints, diffuse bad press, and minimize the impact of negative reviews.