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Why Video is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

By Local Fresh | Nov 16, 2021
video marketing

Businesses that utilize the power of video marketing to connect with their target audiences are seeing an ROI that will have you seeing stars. It’s one of the most powerful tools available to boost brand engagement and enable businesses to find, inform and engage new customers. Cisco predicts that 85% of all internet traffic will…

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Five Misleading (or Downright Unethical) Marketing Scams

By Local Fresh | Nov 1, 2021
marketing scams

The number of online scams continues to grow on a yearly basis. In 2018, internet-enabled fraud led to an estimated $2.7 billion in financial losses. In 2019, the number of phishing attempts grew by 65 percent. In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission received over 2 million reports of fraud. Sometimes it’s easy to spot a…

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Video Marketing

By Local Fresh | Aug 17, 2021
video marketing

Video marketing offers just as much value to the search engine optimization (SEO) of your business’ website as all of its written content. If you believe current trends, video content may actually hold even greater value. User interaction with video content has never been higher than what businesses are seeing today, and the value it…

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Whether to Rebrand or Rebuild, the Time Has Come to Update Your Website

By Local Fresh | Jul 23, 2021
website refresh

If your business’ website loads quickly, links to all the right pages, and enables your customers to consistently contact you, why consider updating the site when everything seems to be running smoothly? Unfortunately, building a website isn’t like buying a new car that you plan on driving for seven to 10 years. Websites need frequent…

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How Secure is Your Website Against Cyber Attacks?

By Local Fresh | Jul 19, 2021

Pay attention to the news and you can’t help but hear about another massive data breach or successful cyber attack. While most hacks don’t result in gas shortages that threaten to undermine the country’s infrastructure, cyber attacks cause significant financial damage to every industry in the world. In 2019 alone, the healthcare industry lost an…

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Dealing With Negative Online Reviews? Here’s How to Save Your Reputation

By Local Fresh | May 17, 2021
online reviews

Word of mouth marketing has expanded to include more than just one customer directly recommending your business or service to another. Today, word of mouth marketing occurs on a much grander scale in the form of online reviews on platforms like Google My Business and Yelp. Surveys have found that 90 percent of consumers read…

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Small Business Need to Embrace the Potential of Local SEO

By Local Fresh | Apr 21, 2021
Local SEO

If a website doesn’t appear on the first page of a Google search, does it even exist? To the average user looking for information, the answer is clearly no. Studies have found that websites listed on the first page of a search result receive 95 percent of the clicks. Even more telling, nearly 68 percent…

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Seven Useful Tips for Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

By Local Fresh | Apr 17, 2021

YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine after Google. With over 4 billion videos viewed every day and 60 hours of video getting uploaded every minute, YouTube offers your business an incredible platform for reaching new customers. However, with so much content to sort through, customers won’t just stumble onto your videos. To increase…

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Embracing the New Normal: How Your Business Can Succeed in the Virtual Trade Show Space

By Local Fresh | Feb 22, 2021
virtual trade show

The ongoing pandemic has changed the very foundation on which many sectors within manufacturing and others B2B industries were built. Trade shows, which have long held an important place in helping businesses find new customers and contacts, have needed to reinvent themselves to fit within the virtual environment businesses must now operate. In order to…

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How to Help Grow Your Small Business Using LinkedIn

By Timothy Lemke | Jan 18, 2021

While most people just think of LinkedIn as a networking tool, savvy business owners can use the social media platform to find new customers.

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