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online-reviewsSocial Proof; your business needs great online reviews. Period. The only question is how to get them. The problem is that an unhappy customer will go out of their way to give you a bad review. It happens to every business occasionally. On the other hand, your best customers may not always be motivated to give you five stars and a great testimonial; getting satisfied customers to review you takes some amount of effort. There is no magic bullet. But you can do it … by working the right plan.

Local Fresh is pleased to help every small business in America get great online reviews. We have a good system for you to try. Read on and learn how to ask your best customers to review you and then send them a follow up postcard by mail. Here’s how our proven system works …

Own Your Own Customer Reviews

Things change quickly on the Internet. The reviews site that mattered 12 months ago may not matter today. We know the reviews pages that matter today are Google+ and Yelp. But in another 12 months that will probably change. So why not just create your own reviews page, where you can display your very best customer testimonials and control your online reputation? You can also decide which reviews sites you want to link to as the times change.

In short you want to own your own online reputation. Own your own customer reviews. Make sense? We think so. That’s why we’re offering this inexpensive, simple-to-use program to help you get more positive customer reviews for your local business. You can get started now by taking these 3 easy steps:

1. Create Your Reviews Website Page

By directing prospective and existing customers to your own Reviews page you can control your online reputation. Be sure prospects can easily navigate to your Reviews page from anywhere on your website. Here are several example Reviews web pages to help you create a great reviews page on your own website – Click to open actual Reviews pages:

Of course, if you need help creating a great Reviews page, we’ll be happy to assist. If not, we can still help you drive your best customers to your Reviews page and encourage them to leave you a glowing review. Read on to learn how …

2. Ask Your Best Customers to Review You

Don’t rely on Facebook, Google, Yelp or any other service may cost you a lot at some point in the future … What if you had staked your online reputation on MySpace in 2003? Facebook may or may not be relevant in  another 3-5 years. Google could become the next Yahoo! Yelp may become irrelevant. Where will any of those potential events leave you?

By creating a great reviews page on your own website you own your own online reputation! You can update it anytime you like and continually display the best reviews your customers have to offer. Then ask your best customers to review you. Ask them in person and many will make the commitment with every intention of following through. Unfortunately, most of them will forget … unless you remind them.

Both of the studies listed below show that you it makes sense to try sending them a postcard with your handwritten note on the back. They may feel just enough sense of duty to follow through on their verbal promise. We’re all busy, so a quick reminder just makes sense to try, right? If they still don’t review you, ask them again the next time you see them. Remember; countless marketing studies show that it can take up to 7 touches before a customer remembers and trusts you enough to take the desired action.

Getting reviews online is paramount in today’s Internet age; when you can honestly say that 98+ percent of your customers would refer you to friends and family your marketing efforts will really begin to pay dividends. That’s when customers truly begin to realize that your business is relevant to their needs. For more information on how to get more positive reviews, visit these resources online:
Getting Online Reviews for Your Local Business: The 3 Keys
A Review Handout Alternative: Try P&P To Get More Local Reviews

3. Remind Them With Reviews Postcards

As the study above shows – A Review Handout Alternative: Try P&P To Get More Local Reviews, your best bet may be to ask in person first and then send a simple reminder postcard to your best customers or patients after they’ve recently visited you and had a positive experience. We’ve made it simple and cost-effective for you to get these postcards; prices start at just $86.

Keep in mind this is not just another spray-and-pray, direct mail pitch; you only want to send this message individually and personally to customers or patients who’ve already verbally agreed to review your business. It’ easy to get started; just pick a template and place your order using the sign up form below!

Choose postcard template A, B or C:

These convenient 5.5” X 4.25”, USPS mail-ready postcards are affordable to mail or hand out to customers or patients directly. We’ll put your company name, address, phone number, logo and Reviews page URL on the template you choose. We’ll print the postcards and ship them directly to you so that you have them available to send to customers when they’ve shared their satisfaction and expressed a willingness to review your business – Click to see larger version of each template and back of postcard:

Here’s what the back of your postcard will look like:

Let’s Get Started

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