Social Marketing

social_marketingSocial media acts as the new word-of-mouth for businesses. Social networks shape customers’ brand perceptions and buying decisions through social interaction. It’s real simple; your business can either get actively involved in the conversation or be left out altogether!

Today’s savviest small and local businesses use social media to build brand awareness and connect with target audiences by utilizing the right channels and content. That might mean building a following on mainstream social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Or it could mean posting on industry-specific forums and niche blog threads.

It all depends on your business. Are you B2C or B2B? Where do your customers research and talk about the products or services you sell? Do you need to reach influencers first in order to start a conversation? There are a hundred other questions like these to consider.

Get Social Media Marketing Results

Social media outlets might seem fairly random and possibly unimportant in relation to small business marketing. However, an effective social media marketing strategy can pay long-term dividends when it comes to building your niche audience. The efforts invested in building a solid online reputation can lead to valuable growth opportunities for your small business, whether through customer referrals, positive online reviews, or the ability to connect and engage current and prospective clients.

Local Fresh delivers effective, long-term social media marketing strategies designed to help small businesses build the positive online reputations needed to sustain continued growth. These strategies and tactics include:

  • Periodic and ongoing social media campaigns
  • Blog posts cross-posted to social media and email marketing
  • Coordination and promotion of contests and events
  • Regular updates on outlets such as Google+ Local, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels
  • In-store promotional materials and QR codes
  • Real analytics to help you understand social marketing return on investment


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