Smart Phones + Devoted Users = Mobile Marketing Opportunities

Apr 2, 2013

Smart Phones + Devoted Users = Mobile Marketing Opportunities

It’s a pretty common statistic going around that more households in the world have some form of cell phone or smartphone than they have toothbrushes.

While that statistic makes me nervous for people around the world who are not brushing their teeth, the fact remains that mobile marketingis only becoming more valuable to businesses of every shape and size. If you’ve ever wondered about the value of using mobile marketingto reach smartphone users, this infographic could help convince you that it’s worth more time and effort.


The infographic focuses on smartphone users, the age group that usually acquire these gadgets and the rise and fall of operating systems in the past years until the present time. Global manufacturers are now having a close market demand. Each has its own purpose and most adults in the United States use smartphones, though, cellular phone users are still higher.

There was a recorded $100 Billion spending for the mobile media in 2011 and this is due to the continuous demand by consumers on the hi technology offered by these smartphones. The world has an estimated 7 Billion people and the past 16 years made 1 Billion active users where in the present time will only take 3 years to complete an additional 1 Billion users.

Americans are adjusting their budgets on their expenditures and had a rose of about $67 while their food consumption, apparel and non-phone entertainment needs went down dramatically. They are spending about $1,226 for phone services alone and that was $100 increase compared to their spending in 2007. In this infographic, it shows that smartphone users are usually in the age group between 25-44 years old since they will be able to handle the expenses considering the high cost to acquire one.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit