How Can I Get Some Help at Verticalwerks?

Apr 25, 2012

How Can I Get Some Help at Verticalwerks?

Verticalwerks is growing fast! And while we enjoy the hustle and bustle of every day business, we don’t want to lose sight of our most important priority: YOU!

To streamline communication with our clients, we instruct everyone to email [email protected] in order to let us know about your questions, needs and requests.

This ensures that your issue is not overlooked as we go about our day-to-day routine. By sending your question or need to [email protected], you can feel confident in the fact that your email will be read and your issue addressed in a timely manner.

Once your email hits the inbox of [email protected], it’s read by an actual person who has worked with you and your small business. Then your question or need is turned into a task that is assigned to someone on the Verticalwerks team to for further research and a timely response. Your email will then be answered in order to fully answer your questions or address your needs and determine is any further action is required.

This system has worked very well for us, and we encourage you to contact us as needed at [email protected] – we look forward to helping you!


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