How to Improve Your Business’ Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season

Nov 3, 2014

How to Improve Your Business’ Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season

Last holiday season, ecommerce sales reached a record number of $46.55 billion, a number that many analysts expect sales to eclipse this year as more consumers continue the trend of avoiding the holiday hassle by completing their shopping online. With ecommerce commanding more of the expected holiday shopping revenues the question now becomes: how is your business planning on better positioning itself to capture a hearty share of this year’s holiday revenue?

Here are a few tips that can better prepare your business to reap the rewards of a happy holiday season.

Start an Adwords Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing allows you to target consumers who have previously visited your business’ website. If your business currently runs an Adwords campaign, you just need to add a snippet of tracking code to your website and create a remarketing list within your campaign. When a potential customer visits the page containing the remarketing code, their cookie ID is recorded to your list. Once you’ve built a large enough list, you create a campaign that specifically displays ads to visitors on your remarketing list.

For example, lets say you run an ecommerce boutique that sells dresses. You could create a remarketing list for consumers that have visited your website’s “vintage dresses” page and then create ads that specifically highlight those dresses. Now an ad featuring an image of the dress the consumer was just looking at will follow them around all over the Internet, popping up whenever they visit a page that runs Google ads. In the face of such a constant reminder, the odds of the consumer returning to your website to complete the purchase and buy the dress becomes significantly higher.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook offers another great platform for advertising and gaining business this holiday season. Businesses with an active page can increase the number of posts added per day and target consumers who “Like” their page, or you can reach a completely new audience through targeting. Like Adwords, Facebook also offers more traditional advertising avenues that allow businesses to use the social media platform’s extensive targeting options to market towards a specific customer base. Facebook campaigns also feature remarketing tools similar to what Adwords offers, only they refer to them as “custom audiences.”

Facebook claims that users access their site on mobile devices over 4 times more often than search engines prior to holiday shopping. The company offers tips on how to use its ad platform here and tips for improving sales during the holiday here.

Use Interesting Infographics

Infographics make a great marketing tool, as they offer a unique way to connect with a target audience and deliver your business’ marketing message. They are also frequently shared through social media, which provides your business the opportunity to introduce itself to a far wider audience.

The holiday season provides you with plenty of opportunity to get creative when creating informative or humorous infographics that feature a holiday related theme. You can create a graphic with the goal of simply improving brand awareness and increase Internet traffic to your ecommerce store, or you can create a graphic that promotes a specific product or advertises a holiday special. Start by publishing the graphic on your website, and then reach out to other websites or media outlets you think would be willing to share it. The more people that view your graphic, the more effective it becomes.

Get Active on Instagram

While the number of new users on Twitter has started to slowly decline, Instagram continues to enjoy enormous success and has established itself as one of leading social networks. A lot of retailers have taken to Instagram to utilize its growing popularity and encourage consumers to take photos of their products and share them with their followers. Starting an ad campaign based around a branded hashtag offers a great way to raise brand awareness and increase sales during the holidays.

Correct Cart Abandonment

The more customers that visit your ecommerce website, the more chances there are for cart abandonment to occur. Studies haven shown that over 68 percent of online shoppers fail to complete their purchase after loading their shopping cart. To encourage more sales and fewer cases of cart abandonment, consider implementing a special offer that’s triggered by exit-intent technology.

When the app determines that a visitor is about to leave without completing their purchase a special offer is triggered. This could include an offer for free shipping, a discount on their next purchase, or a promotional gift. Whatever you decide upon, you provide the customer one more reason to reconsider before logging off.