Local Fresh Partners with Dear Doctor to Provide Digital Content to Our Dental Clients

Feb 16, 2017

Local Fresh Partners with Dear Doctor to Provide Digital Content to Our Dental Clients

As local website developers, our team at Local Fresh understands the elements needed to create a dynamic site that has the ability to engage with its target audience. For many of our dental clients, striking the right balance between offering content on their websites that’s both informative and educational, while still being entertaining, can offer some unique challenges.

Offering compelling digital content that both educates and entertains is what Dear Doctor is all about. And Local Fresh is proud to announce that we have partnered with Dear Doctor to provide our local dental clients with detailed illustrations, informative articles, and patient education videos.

Dear Doctor: Offering Innovative & Compelling Digital Content

Dear Doctor is a dentist-led company that strives to educate patients and present dental practices in the best light possible. To complete this goal, Dear Doctor – through its print magazine and online website – creates patient-education driven content that is both technically accurate and easily understandable.

As a Dear Doctor partner, Local Fresh can now offer our clients access to an extensive library of dental videos that assist patients with visualizing, comprehending, and retaining the information needed to become active participants in their oral health care. Dear Doctor’s Patient Education Videos strike the ideal balance of being professionally shot, informationally accurate, and entertaining.

With the digital content provided by Dear Doctor, Local Fresh continues to explore new and exciting ways of improving our dental clients’ website content, while offering innovative solutions for increasing profits.

Innovative Digital Content Can Lead to Increased Revenue

Dentistry can be a complex and confusing subject for patients who consider visiting their local dentist a necessary evil. Topics such as dental implants, periodontal therapy, tooth loss, and gum disease carry very serious consequences that can dramatically impact a patient’s long-term health. Packaging this vital information in a way that keeps patients engaged not only means a healthier, more informed patient group for dentists to work with, it can also mean additional revenue for dental practices.

Studies have shown that the more informed a patient is about the health and practical benefits offered by certain dental treatments, the more likely the patient is to schedule a treatment when one is recommended by their dentist. Patients, for example, may be more willing to have crowns implanted or bridgework done if they better understand what these types of treatments can do to the appearance and function of their smile.

Asking that patients review the information laid out on services page may provide a comprehensive understanding about what these types of procedures entail and the benefits they bestow, but few patients have the time of inclination to read static text they view as boring. With the educational and entertaining videos provided by Dear Doctor, Local Fresh now has the ability to directly embed this compelling new content onto our clients’ websites.

Once installed on their services, special offer, or home page, our dental clients will have a short, compelling, and highly effective sales tool at their disposal. If a client wants to boost the number of patients undergoing teeth whitening treatments, improve patient opt-in rates for dental implants, or increase the number of adult orthodontic patients, Local Fresh can now embed Dear Doctor videos that cover these topics in-depth so that patients feel better informed to make a decision that boosts our clients’ bottom lines.

As local website developers, our team at Local Fresh will continue to search for future partners like Dear Doctor to work with. Our goal remains to provide each and every one or our dental clients with outstanding design and innovative technologies that will help improve new patient acquisition and boost revenue.

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