6 Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing on Facebook

Feb 21, 2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing on Facebook

Our team at Local Fresh understands the important role of social marketing for small business, and how vital it is for every entrepreneur to have a successful marketing strategy in place immediately when launching your brand.

You need to set a budget and try one marketing platform at a time to see if the return on investment matches your goal. If not, move on to the next platform and see what kind of success you can generate. Small businesses looking to maximize their ROI through social marketing should seriously consider advertising on Facebook, which could prove to be 2017’s most successful digital marketing channel.

Here are a few reasons why it makes sense for entrepreneurs to try using Facebook to advertise their products.

Small cost, big exposure

When launching your business’ brand online, you want to get the most exposure possible. Facebook currently ranks at the third most popular online platform with over 1.7 billion active monthly users.

Considering the type of reach advertising on Facebook potentially offers, it’s surprising that Facebook is actually cheaper to advertise on when compared to Google. Additionally, Facebook videos cost less per view than YouTube.

Studies have found that consumers spend 90 percent of their time using their mobile devices on apps, and Facebook ranked as the most downloaded app in first half of 2016.

While you shouldn’t direct all of your marketing dollars towards advertising on Facebook, these stats make the case that the social media platform should command a significant portion of your marketing budget.

Brand awareness from the beginning

When used strategically, Facebook can become a great source of PR. The Brand Awareness ad objective uses a combination of real-time proxy metrics and the attention users pay to a campaign to provide brands with significant exposure.

It’s important to start early so that later campaigns generate a bigger audience. The goal is to capture the attention of those mostly likely to have a significant interest in your brand.

Facebook Live

Live video streaming is poised to become the next major player in the world of online marketing. While Facebook Live may have launched less than a year ago, it has already proven an incredibly powerful tool for businesses.

You can utilize the power of Facebook Live to:

  • Answer customer questions in a Q&A.
  • Promote special events.
  • Show teasers for new products prior to launch to buildup interest and excitement.
  • Provide a look behind the curtain at how your business operates day-to-day.

People will devote 3x more of their time to watching a video than they will to reading. This makes Facebook Live video an easy way to capture your target audience’s attention in a new and compelling way.


Businesses have long tried to use Facebook Messenger as a means of staying in contact with their customer base, as the platform now has over one billion monthly users.

Just recently, Shopify announced they will begin allowing their stores to sell directly through Facebook messenger. This is simply huge. When more businesses start selling on Facebook, the platform gains even more value as additional users begin increasing the amount of time and engagement they have with the site.

With an increase of customers interacting the brands on Facebook, the use of chatbot will become more necessary to keep up with user demand. With chatbots, businesses will have the ability to develop structured messages including call to action buttons, links, and images that all help to boost sales. Brands will have the ability to design bots so that conversations with customers and purchasing become intertwined and instantaneous.

Immediate feedback

Prior to social media, businesses that wanted to receive feedback from their customers would have to rely on direct mail or cold call surveys. These methods were both expensive and time consuming. It could take months for a business to determine how their customers liked a new products or service, by which time lasting damage could already be done to a brand.

Facebook makes communicating with your customer base easier than ever. Just post a question to your Facebook feed and sit back and wait for the comments to come rolling in.

As the old saying goes, time is money. Facebook offers an incredible resource for businesses looking to gain a better understanding of their brand and products quickly so they can determine what works and what needs changing.

Consumer psychology

One of the most significant advantages Facebook and other social media platforms offer is the ability to give everyone a voice that will be heard.

In addition to giving customers the ability to share their opinion on your business’ services or products, Facebook enables users to endorse a favorite brand or business to their online community simply by clicking on the “Like” button.

Businesses can utilize this phenomenon to transform everyday users into brand influencers. Nine out of 10 consumers take the recommendations of family and friends into account prior to making a purchase. Facebook allows your most ardent customers to speak directly for your business to the people in their social media network they are most likely to influence into making a purchase. That’s buying power you can’t find anywhere else.

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