Ram Steelco’s New Website Offers Customized Options

Oct 16, 2020

Ram Steelco’s New Website Offers Customized Options

At LocalFresh, we design and build websites tailored to meet our clients’ needs. When Ram Steelco approached us to redesign their existing website, they requested an ecommerce site that would allow customers to get a specific quote on the exact parts they wanted to purchase. A standard ecommerce website that provides customers the option of purchasing generic inventory items wouldn’t work for Ram Steelco as most of their inventory is custom ordered. To meet Ram Steelco’s needs, LocalFresh created an entirely new type of ecommerce website.

Building off of the Shopify template, LocalFresh’s design team developed a custom ecommerce platform that would enable Ram Steelco’s customers to receive a specific quote for the individual items they needed fabricated. Similar to a standard ecommerce site that allows users to place items in a cart, LocalFresh’s custom designed ecommerce site enables users to place the specifications of a particular part into the platform and then receive a quote for the exact parts they require.

Customers Can Customize a Range of Sizes and Dimensions

The new Ram Steelco site features thousands of individual parts and options that customers can customize to fit a range of sizes and dimensions. With a dynamic and easy to use interface, LocalFresh was able to create what amounts to as an interactive catalogue. Customers can find the part they need, select their preferred weight, size, and length, and then add that exact part to their cart. Customers can continue adding custom parts to their cart and then request a quote.

For a company that specializes in fabricating customized parts, Ram Steelco now has an advantage over the competition, as they can now provide an accurate quote to their customers in less time.

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