Ram Steelco’s New Website Offers Customized Options

At LocalFresh, we design and build websites tailored to meet our clients’ needs. When Ram Steelco approached us to redesign their existing website, they requested an ecommerce site that would allow customers to get a specific quote on the exact parts they wanted to purchase. A standard ecommerce website that provides customers the option of…

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Implementing Content Strategy in Advertising

content marketing strategy

If 2016 taught us anything it was the importance of a solid content marketing strategy for small businesses. In an age where growing your brand means increasing your business’ voice, branded content offers a unique opportunity for you to directly speak to your brand’s target audience in a way that not only resonates but also…

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What is the Value of a Like?

social media marketing

Creating, cultivating, and conversing with a social media audience has become a vital part of doing business in 2017. In fact, social media marketing has grown to a point where 90 percent of marketers said that the platform plays an enormously important role in helping their business grow, according to the 2016 Social Media Marketing…

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Avoiding Google’s Crackdown on Misleading Ads


In 2016, Google removed over 1.7 billion ads worldwide, the largest number the Internet giant has ever taken down in a single year. Google also banned more than 200 websites from the company’s AdSense network during a two-month period late in the year due to the growth of misleading content and the so called “fake…

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Costly PPC Campaign Mistakes To Avoid

PPC campaign

Whether advertising through Google, Bing or Yahoo, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns offer small business owners the ability to draw potential new customers to their website with targeted online ads. Opening a Google Adwords or a Yahoo Search Marketing campaign provides your business the opportunity to display ads at the top of a page in the sponsored…

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Four Common Adwords Mistakes To Avoid

running an Adwords campaign

For small business owners who run successful campaigns, Adwords offers a highly effective tool for attracting customers that are actively searching for their goods or services. However, Adwords can also become a source of frustration for business owners who don’t receive the kind of return on investment they were hoping to achieve. In many cases,…

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Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Boosted Posts

With over 960 million active users per day, Facebook still dominates among the social media networks. That’s why it’s no surprise that marketers use it to advertise their companies. If you use the network, you’ve seen the advertisements – everything from Amazon to your local pizza joint. Facebook is a unique opportunity in that it…

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Facebook At Work: A New Way To “Like” Your Workday

This week Facebook jumps full force into the enterprise collaboration software and social communications movement with their release of Facebook At Work, the social media giant’s attempt to solve the sprawl of social contact in larger companies. Their goal: bringing employees together around projects and teams to let the conversations and ideas that matter rise to…

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