Don’t Underestimate the Power of Video Marketing

Aug 17, 2021

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Video Marketing

Video marketing offers just as much value to the search engine optimization (SEO) of your business’ website as all of its written content. If you believe current trends, video content may actually hold even greater value. User interaction with video content has never been higher than what businesses are seeing today, and the value it can provide your website can make it well worth the investment.

Internet video consumption increased by an average of 32 percent annually from 2013 to 2020. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube, which have over 2 billion monthly users alone, have greatly contributed to this growth and show no signs of slowing down. In 2021, the average person spends 100 minutes a day watching videos online, an increase from 84 minutes in 2020. By 2022, it’s forecast that internet videos will account for 82 percent of total internet traffic.

Users craving video content may not be reason enough to invest on its own. However, when you consider all of the other tangible benefits using video can offer your business’ website, it becomes clear that featuring a video component will greatly improve your brand’s appeal and its ability to connect with your customer base.

Let’s take a look at what video can do for your website.

Improve Your Ranking in Search Results

The strength of a website’s content and SEO help to determine where it appears in organic search results. Adding video to your site offers the opportunity to include more valuable keywords in video titles, meta descriptions, and tags that provide additional SEO value without overstuffing these terms so they no longer appear naturally.

No matter how important a keyword term, you can only add that term so many times to a site’s written content before it starts to not only lose value but negatively detract from your site’s SEO. Google places a premium on well-written content that provides users with tangible value, something your content loses when focused exclusively on keyword placement.

Video marketing offer a natural way of adding more keywords to your site. As an additional bonus, Google owns YouTube, the largest video platform on the internet. By embedding a YouTube video player on your site, your brand gains an increased advantage for having your site appear in a Google search result while also adding quality backlinks.

Express Your Brand’s Creativity

Video possesses a dynamic quality that allows a brand to express itself in a way not easily matched through written content. Whether you want to entertain visitors, humanize your brand, or build lasting relationships with your customer base, video offers the key to creating better brand engagement.

Video improves brand engagement because the viewer has a far easier time comprehending ideas when presented as moving images rather than as static text. Considering the significant amount of information thrown at the average person a day, finding a way to effectively and easily convey your brand message to a target audience can enable your brand to make more connections than the competition.

From the development of quirky animation to conducting candid interviews with your employees, you have the ability to quickly tell your brand’s story with video in a way that actively engages with customers. While text still plays an important role, video offers a business a far easier avenue for quickly expressing the message behind their brand to audiences in a way they are willing to listen.

Dynamic Imagery Creates Better Audience Engagement

Explaining how your business operates to an audience offers far less appeal than actually showing them. At LocalFresh, we have a number of manufacturing clients operating in highly specialized fields. No matter how well written, words alone cannot express the scope and scale of the equipment developed by Columbia Industries, a company that specializes in manufacturing walking systems designed to move massive structures.

As a precision fabrication and custom parts manufacturer, Klinger IGI elected to add video to their site to provide customers with a better idea of the intricate nature of how their machine shop functions and what capabilities they can offer clients.

In both of these examples, video provides our clients with the ability to better express size, both large and small, in a more detailed and nuanced way than what text alone could offer. Now when customers visit these sites, they gain a better understanding and appreciation for what these businesses can do for them.

Help You Stand Out from the Competition

A lot of businesses continue to miss out on the importance of using video to improve customer engagement. While that’s certain to change, now is still the time to get ahead of your industry rather than try to play catchup.

Visitors to your website are far more likely to remember your video than any of the content they can read, whether on your site or the competitions. Add in the fact that video links are easily shareable around the web, and you create an opportunity for your customers to post your content on social media platforms and help grow your brand. That potential alone makes the use of video incredibly valuable and worthy of investment in time and resources. 

If you need assistance developing video for your website, LocalFresh can help. From scripting and filming to editing, posting, and sharing, the team at LocalFresh can help your business discover the power video has to offer.

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